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A Fool's Errant

Full view please

Because only a fool ...

... threatens a dragon tamer.
... brings a Troll to a meeting.
... taunts a draconian.
... under estimates a woman.
... thinks a sorcerer weak.
... calls a Troll stupid to his face.
... does not heed a fire dragon.
... would think they can control a dragon egg.
... walks under a red Moon.

And because I absolutely could not resist using the gorgeous dragon tamer from *JLStock, I think I fell in love with her stock gallery :)

Total build time: about 15 hours, total layers: 72, final image size: 2,421 x 1,949 Chronology

Please don't hesitate to comment on what you like (or dislike) about the picture, any feedback is appreciated. Don't worry though, I won't kill ya if you fav+run.



--- Stock used: ---

- Dragon & girl: Dragon Tamer 003 and Dragon Tamer 004 - by *JLStock
- Sacret shrine: Platform 002 - by *JLStock
- Boots: Boots 4 - by ~panterastock
- Draconian: Cloack 4 - by *Armathor-Stock (used with permission)
- Background: Dark side of nowhere - by ~Lryiu-Stock
- Sword: Sword 1 - by *Peace-of-Art
- Dragon egg: Clouds 01 by *Ghost-Stock .|. crystal ball by ~gothfiend-stock .|. Dragon by ~MSJ-Stock
- Guard Troll: Troll Stock 9 - by *IWS-stock
- Red Moon: Rock Texture by ~StarSlateStock / *SlateReaper
- Draconian aura: Moon and clouds 01 by *Ghost-Stock
- Sky, clouds and all manipulation work: Paint.NET

--- Featured ---
Features!+ Musical Artist - by :iconhybridgothica: | Digital - Friday Favorites - 22nd Edition - by :iconjunkbyjen:
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randomjunk123's avatar
I love the 3D style, and the orb in the middle really attracts my attention. Is there a story behind this?!
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
There is and there isn't to be honest :)

It ties in with these pieces: Hearth of Fire and Last of the Draconians which sort of set the stage for the two factions at war, Plain of Sorrows which shows the destruction of one of the eggs by a draconian and Dark Encounters which shows continuation of the battle.

It's part of a story that I've been playing with for many years. Part of it I wrote down years ago and currently I like to play with it through photo manipulations. This piece depicts the treacherous side of both parties involved.

The Omen is related but actually takes place much, much earlier in the story line.

So yeah :D there's a story behind them but I'm not sure if I clarified any of it with the above :D
gothfiend-stock's avatar
Thanks for using my stock! Sorry for the late reply :heart:
xHaStex's avatar
lovin the 2 characters on the left....
dark forces come forth an' all that....
the orb looks awesome....
great atmosphere....
sw33t scene....
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
... does not heathe a fire dragon?
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
:lol: that should have been heed of course, I wrote it in a hurry and since English is only my third language those things will slip in every so often (getting languages mixed up all the time, you should read my Dutch). All better now, thanks for the heads up :D
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
I thought it might be, but couldn't quite see how that could be a typo :D 3 languages? That is impressive (I ... do that with my rudimentary Old English and German, actually, and you should hear my sister complain about her Spanish and French)

Glad to help - actually spent longer rereading the enthralling heathe + rhyme than looking at the picture!
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Dutch, French, English, German, spoken Thai, some Spanish and a tiny bit of Mandarin; believe me, it gets confusing :crazy:

The little list was really to show that anyone of the players in the image can be the fool and to allow for more freedom of interpretation while giving the tiniest of explanations as to what is going on. Glad you're enjoying it :D
hybridgothica's avatar
:heart: youve been featured in my journal: [link]

Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Thank you so much :hug:
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Thank you very much, I'm enjoying these to much again so I'm working on yet another :D
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Thank you very much, glad you like it :D
screamingdigital's avatar
Nice fantasy manip, great color and lighting. :)
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it :D
jornas's avatar
Better than the last and i love the script in the AC. As for walking under a red moon, me and my wife met under one and have always considered them something of a unnoffical annerversery.
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Oh, I like red moons myself, it was just a little fun with the image (since the moon is the moon from that world, not ours, I actually made it from a texture).

Glad you're enjoying these :D
whipzter's avatar
I love everything about it, the fantasy, the colors, and most of all........the dragon..I am a huge dragon fan!
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Me too :D love dragons, I have a couple more ideas I'm looking to work on so more coming up :hug:
ZItheDRAGON's avatar
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
I can't resist making manips of your kin :D
ZItheDRAGON's avatar
well i like what you do ^.=.^
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