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Flower Crown

Looks like these two cuties were out spending some quality time together out in the sun under a tree, when Phyress decided it was a good idea to give Meru some fashionable accessories! He's going to be looking absolutely fabulous, and she seems to be enjoying it quite a lot!
Meru though, reluctantly tolerates it, not really super excited about the idea. At first glance that is, in actuality, he enjoys it just as much, maybe more, but just doesn't want to admit it. If she told him he could take it off, he would likely refuse, haha. What an absolute cutie <3

An absolutely gorgeous piece I got from AzuLJ of Meru and Phyress, with her making flower crowns for him! I looooove how this turned out, it's just stunning and adorable! The scenery and background look incredible, Meru is drawn beautifully and the flower in Phyress' hair is just all kinds of yes, such an adorable and beautiful detail. I also can't stop smiling at how pouty and grumpy he's acting, while she's just cheerfully putting flowers on his face, it's so cute ; 3 ;

Phyress is miiineeeee
Meru belongs to :iconendermoonfur:
Artist is :iconoazuljo: -
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