Thomas (Chapter 24)

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wiped his feet on the sack that was acting as temporary doormat, he
smiled as he saw that someone had inked welcome onto it, only the
words were moulding together as the snow from his shoes melted. He
went over to the fire, brilliant, no fire wood. Maybe Anna or Bates
had hidden it.

heard the footsteps in the snow outside and he stood up straight. The
Duke knocked and poked his head round, “Ah it is the right one
then, I thought you could use some company..” He looked around,
his face going red from the temperature change, “Gosh it's
quite nippy in here,” He reached into his dark fur coat, “But
I brought the gin! So we can whistle while we work!” He said
cheerily, he opened his coat and shrugged letting it slip off onto
the floor. The Duke then stepped slowly toward Bentley, his eyes
glistening. “Only I was hoping that the work, could
get...delayed...” He ran his fingers under the lapels of
Bentley's coat and kissed his neck just under his ear. “I was
hoping, I could keep you warm” He whispered.

stepped back so that he was directly in front of the Duke, he hoped
that his repulsion wasn't obvious. Thomas had told him draw him in
physically, to make sure that Duke was satisfied enough to wait for
him in the cottage without following him outside. He shut his eyes
and kissed the Duke, he could feel the getting needier pushing his
tongue inside his mouth. Bentley tried to think of Thomas, but he
felt safe in Thomas's arms, here he felt used and disgusting.

Duke could fell Bentley's body tensing up, “What's wrong? I
don't often get this reaction, only from're not female
are you?” He joked softly. Bentley pretended to shiver, “No,
I'm just cold..Hey you start on the gin and I'll get us some
fire-wood, just to warm the room up a little...until it gets warmer
later” He kissed the Duke on the cheek and then went over to
the light switch, he turned it off and then laughed turning it back
on, “Sorry, as a footman I'm always the one turning them off or
on, force of habit. I gosh it's dark in here without the lights”
He said feigning interest, he flicked the lights a few times
pretending to be simple and excited at the thought of his friends
having electricity.

Duke had to blink a few times to regain normal vision, he beamed as
he watched Bentley embrace the cold. Once the door shut he took the
lid off the decanter and took a swig. He looked at his grand fur coat
spread out on the floor, we shall make love here, he thought. The
Duke would rather not sleep in a bed that belongs to two strangers,
guest rooms are different, but he had a distinct feeling that the
bedding wouldn't be clean.

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