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Happier times - Femshep, Ashley and Kaidan

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I just made a new playthrough of mass effect 1 (after ignoring the trilogy for a year after the whole mass effect 3 ending mess) and when I hit Virmire again, I remembered how hard it was (and still is) to let either Ash or Kaidan behind. Then I grabbed umodel, blender, photoshop elements, did a lot of experiments and came up with this : I figured that during their first visit to the Citadel, these three friends got some relax time before things got too harsh.
This is my first ever fanart, critique is of course always welcome but be gentle :-)
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TreeWyrmHobbyist General Artist
Wow... it is soooo rare to find a Femshep that isn't default these days! I'm admin of a Facebook fanpage called Mass Effect Female Shepard. We (me and Admin2) are always on the lookout for FemShep stuff, and we've taken on a bit of a task trying to find non-default FemSheps. I'd love to add this one to our albums if you're willing!

I love the dreamy feel you've put to it, plus I think it's just a lovely idea. Straight out of that moment they share on the Citadel when they first get there. I always feel like that's the last time you ever really get to see any of these three with that innocence ever again - after this, one's dead, and the other two have far too much on their plates to ever really come back to this moment. It's just a lovely sentiment, I guess. It's the sort of photo that *should* have been in Shepard's cabin in ME2, just somewhere in the background.
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I know it's been forever since you left this comment, but I somehow missed it at the time. 
Thank you very much for your comment, you caught the exact feeling I had when putting this image together. 

And if you're still willing, it's of course okay for you to add this image to your albums.

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TreeWyrmHobbyist General Artist
That would be wonderful! And it's never too late to get back to me! Actually I'm not always on here myself either. Plus I prefer to gather a stock of permissions so takes me time to get around to posting them all/sometimes I forget. [Better to have the permission but not need it at a given time, than at a given time really want to post something but not have permission ;) ]

Thanks for getting back to me! Just so you know, I have actually uploaded your piece today, and written a short story to go with it (actually taken in part from a scene in a fanfic I'm writing). Funny thing is, the scene I've borrowed from, was actually inspired by this picture of yours anyway! Not sure if I've actually posted it up on yet though so you may not be able to find what you originally inspired (yet).

[It's a Zaeed x paragon FemShep one, so you may not be interested anyway - lol]

Anyway your picture is now here:…
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novadragon1000Professional General Artist
looks great , i too am rerunning the game.
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Thank you very much for your comment!
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Looks awesome.

Great work!
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Thank you very much, glad you like it! :-)
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