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The Perfect Scoop

   Hello everyone! So today I have drawn an obscure Nisekoi character, Kiki Mimiko, Bonyari High's journalist who's always trying to write juicy articles about the the school's most famous couple. But after stumbling across a sleepy, shoe-less, Kosaki Onodera, her goal for the time being changed. Is one of Bonyari's beauties ticklish? I hope y'all enjoy!
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Now this is what I call investigative journalism! Looks like somebody made a grave mistake...
Seriously though, if the school finds out, you're ticklish, you are doomed. I speak from experience... The sight of that feather alone gives me goosebumps! 
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Indeed indeed XD
Oh do ya? I wonder what could've happened there, but I think Kosaki here should be worried XD
DaDooMandroi's avatar
Yup. Let's just say, the school newspaper team had a... new way of obtaining information about a certain, rather not socially open student all of a sudden... plus, a new way to get their homework done, while they were doing other things...
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The sleeping beauty and her exposed tootsies are just asking for it!
Ghawkg's avatar
They are indeed!
Zeeahj's avatar
I wonder how sensitive they are?
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Uh oh, I sense future hilarity! Such a shame such cute toes and soft soles will soon meet the tickly sensation of that feather...

...Or not! Mwa-ha-ha! >:3
Ghawkg's avatar
Mhm, who knows how hard she'll be laughing XD
XCosmic-FetishX's avatar
Shouldn’t been barefoot~
firedragonpunch2nd's avatar
Will there be a part 2?  I wanna see those cute feet get tickled!
Ghawkg's avatar
Probably not but we’ll see
AriesVyoletX's avatar
Love how you did these characters. ;o; They look so precious!
Ghawkg's avatar
Thank you thank you :3
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