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i really wanna get rid of ocs that aren't too dear to my heart so literally offer away, dont ask what im looking for because im looking for EVERYTHING, chances are i'll part with most of them fairly easily

looking for: $$>art>points>character trades (maybe dont offer characters since im trying to clear out, but if you have really cute ocs i might want them lol)
so be on the lookout for that, its gonna be hot
ya bitch is officially 17 yo ✌
looking for people to draw joel again bc im forever thirsting for more joel, so hmu if youre down
im sad and want joel art so if anyones down to trade im ready for it
icons that look like this

daddy by ghasterrgoggly by ghasterrscorf by ghasterrbluebeller by ghasterryarrrr by ghasterrare u thinking what im thinking by ghasterrno tell me whats good by ghasterrfrog furries by ghasterri didnt know tangled even got a series by ghasterrmany a eyeballs by ghasterroh hecc by ghasterrmlem by ghasterrsad boyo? by ghasterrblinded by his beauty by ghasterrshep by ghasterrthe boys are back in town by ghasterrwhomst by ghasterrshes here by ghasterrsapphy by ghasterri wanna kill you and destroy you. i want you died. by ghasterroff brand primarina?? by ghasterralpha bravo by ghasterrive tainted him by ghasterrcutie girl by ghasterroh no its him by ghasterrs u g a r by ghasterrminty fresh in my ass by ghasterrhe was a spaghetti boi by ghasterrshe said see ya later boi by ghasterrpretty in pink by ghasterroh nice by ghasterrout of my face by ghasterroh heck by ghasterrraggedy ann doll by ghasterrcutie cutie by ghasterrsmile by ghasterrstomach acids by ghasterrthe gangs all here by ghasterrheck i love that by ghasterrhooded figure by ghasterrcutie by ghasterrout of this house by ghasterrrosie roo by ghasterrdead inside by ghasterrcatto by ghasterrbuns are stinky by ghasterrtriangle shaped by ghasterrwhy he sad by ghasterro hey by ghasterrboy got me spooped up by ghasterrheck me up inside by ghasterrhes content by ghasterrits that BOY by ghasterrhmmmmmm by ghasterrfuck me jerry by ghasterroh no by ghasterrthere there there he is by ghasterrone for me too by ghasterrheck its him by ghasterr

i accidentally deleted the old journal so heres a new one lol

pls commission me im always broke lol

I can draw: humans, furries/anthros, some animals, ponies, ocs and canon, ships, guro maybe

I can't draw: robots/mechas, super duper masc characters, nsfw

Check out my 50 :points:/$0.50 icons:

Bust: 500 :points:|$5
250 :points:|$2.50 per extra character

Half Body: 800 :points:|$8
400 :points:|$4 per extra character

Full Body: 1100 :points:|$11
550 :points:|$5.50 per extra character

Onisheep customs (closed species by royalraptors )
Generic: 300 :points: |$3
Minisheep: 300 :points: | $3
Arctic: 320 :points: | $3.20
Aquatic: 340 :points: | $3.40
Aviary: 360 :points: | $3.60
something smells fishy by ghasterrkoi boi? maybe by ghasterrwoah! by ghasterr

-if you post to, my username there is ghasterr so you can credit me
-i take payment upfront
-if you want a transparent version, make sure you tell me
-ask about guro