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Lonesome Drifter 2

I took the drawing I made earlier and gave it the vector treatment. Took me longer than the actual drawing, but it was fun, and I'm rather happy with the result :D

Valentine belongs to my friend Adrian.
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i hate enclave but this is cool~
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I'm a BoS fangirl, but I think they make the best villains in the game - gotta love their sophisticated ruthlessness! :D
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im so big on being a hero XD and i love my ghouly buddies bwaha~
BOS :heart: i love them~
but yea, though their a pain in the arse to kill
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That outfit is sexyyyy <3
Really, I wish they had more uniforms for the Enclave, like civilian wear and such. c :
Ghanima-Atreides's avatar
The outfit is actually a mod my friend had made for her, and it's meant to be a sniper jumpsuit :D But yeah more Enclave wear would've been nice, especially something other than a white radiation suit for the scientists, heh.
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the background looks awesome. Is that a screenshot or what?
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Yep, it's a screenshot I applied some filters in Photoshop to in order to make it blend in better with the drawing.
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i cant say but both version are really niice!this one is a bit much more softer!
i like it too!
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Thank you! The softness was pretty much the point of this painstaking process :P
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