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look at that, second time it's happened to me.
i bought an account from @RoyalDandelion for 720 points.
Thanks Asshole by gh0st-tea < - can be shown here.
One by gh0st-tea < - discussing the account
Two by gh0st-tea < - continued. 

when i go to login now, it doesn't work and they deactivated their account so i can't ask them about it.
although, yes, they have been on, because when you type in "simplystarry" (the account I purchased) it shows that they were active today. 

if anyone can help me find Royal's other account so i can get my points back (i know they have one, i just can't remember the name of it) or mass report the account "simplystarry" that'd be great <3

and yeah, i know it's against animal jam's rules. 
if you're here to preach about how karma bit me in the ass just leave.

quardie design ufs/t

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 16, 2018, 5:43 PM
Art and CSS Yuminn

This is the bab <3
2202817 gvXTjsWWtGhPTYt by gh0st-tea <= art, roughly 20 pieces

he's one of their older designs, I noted quardie asking about his worth, and they said that he was worth maybe around $100??
personally I'm not expecting to get that much, but I won't accept anything less than $35-$40 if $ / points alone

I'm looking for trades and $ above everything else
mostly anything from my dreamies is an auto accept <3…

fullbody for one month core

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 13, 2018, 9:46 AM
fullbody for 1 month core?
I'll be doing a few of these, not just one if anyone's interested
core is 400 points/$5, my fullbodies go for 500 points/$5, you must send the core before hand <3
one will be sent to one of my bffs, so don't just go and send to my da


4/4 by gh0st-tea 3/4 by gh0st-tea q u e e n by gh0st-tea brooklyn - the princess i need in my life by gh0st-tea dance dance baby by gh0st-tea . it's all about the fantasies . by gh0st-tea Bitch Came Back by gh0st-tea

for two months I can do a ref like this:
these normally go for 800 points - 1k points / $8 - $10
new sona ! by gh0st-tea

Journal Skin by: VladNoxArt

ota on all ocs! - open!

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 19, 2018, 1:15 PM
i need around $280 for an oc i really want so paypal is highly prefered!
I'll also look at points + other characters too! <3
the only ones 100% nfs are selene, val, kendrick, mint, and colton (angel, not dog)
if you offer on them i'll probably ignore you
00 and 01 are extremely tentative

Journal Skin by: VladNoxArt

selling two cinnas - $25 each, closed

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 12, 2018, 4:29 PM
2181026 X6MREP3jiB49p7O by gh0st-tea


2742285 IzVBRSl4OFiLniL by gh0st-tea

they've both been sold, thank you!

Journal Skin by: VladNoxArt

commissions - open

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 10, 2018, 10:43 AM
hello! so I decided to do a few quick commissions bc I need money for the Panic! At the Disco concert I'm going to on the 16th! 
sketches will be strictly deviantart points only, though

please comment with this form:
type of commission:
payment type: (paypal usd or points)

sketches: open
headshot: 30 points
bust: 40 points
full body: 50 points

color : + 30 points
Based On A Dream by gh0st-tea Img 20180416 105031 by gh0st-tea Img 20170621 141447 421 by gh0st-tea Callie by gh0st-tea

lineart only: open
(not many examples)
headshot: $1.00 / 100 points
bust: $1.30 / 130 points
full body: $1.50 / 150 points

shading : + $0.20 / 20 points
Version 1.2 by gh0st-tea 17 - 1 (2) by gh0st-tea

flat: open
headshot: $1.75 / 175 points
bust: $2.25 / 225 points
full body: $3.50 / 350 points
6219948862901869665 by gh0st-tea Img 20180516 210754 by gh0st-tea A (2) by gh0st-tea Option Three by gh0st-tea 17 - 1 (14) by gh0st-tea

full: open
headshot: $3.50 / 350 points
bust: $4.50 / 450 points
full body: $5 / 500 points
Attac by gh0st-tea Comm by gh0st-tea it's not even halloween yet by gh0st-tea Bitch Came Back by gh0st-tea . Be Calm . by gh0st-tea .I can't help falling in love with you. by gh0st-tea . I love you more than I ever knew . by gh0st-tea

reference sheets: open
starts at $7 / 700 points
18 - 1 (2) by gh0st-tea 57372825363450510211 by gh0st-tea Ref 2 by gh0st-tea

badges: open
*note: these will take longer and they will be mailed / shipped to you
$10 / 1,000 points - laminated
$8 / 800 points - unlaminated
Untitled by gh0st-tea Img 20171015 151631 by gh0st-tea 17 - 1 by gh0st-tea Img 20170609 181540 534 by gh0st-tea

quick cheeb: open
$1.50 / 150 points
Finished Ab Headshot!  by gh0st-tea small warmup doodle by gh0st-tea . Hurricane . by gh0st-tea

mini scenes: open
starts at $4 / 400 points
Midnight Strikes by gh0st-tea . It's raining, it's pouring . by gh0st-tea
(this one is old ^)

scene drawings: open
starts at $10 / 1,000 points for two characters
Thingss] 009 by gh0st-tea . it's almost halloween . by gh0st-tea
(this one's kinda old ^)

- if you'd like a lanyard with your purchase of a badge, it'd be + $1 / 100 points. shipping is free of charge, though.
- nsfw and sfw options are available (+ half of original for nsfw)
- digital and traditional (+10 points / $0.10) options are available
- colored lines are available
- mailing traditional art to you will be an extra $1 / 100 points
- +1 character is half of the original price
- simple backgrounds are free, complex can range from $0.25 / 25 points to $1.00 / 100 points

I am human, it may take a bit of time for me to get to your commission. My wait times are normally very short (1-3 days after purchasing, possibly even the day you purchase one). I will not start the commission unless you pay at least half upfront. If you pay half, you will receive only half of your commission until I receive the other half of the payment.

Journal Skin by: VladNoxArt


Journal Entry: Mon Jul 9, 2018, 9:52 PM
I'm selling them because I need some extra $ for a panic! concert on the 16th

they're all myos

least > most picky

Salem - unknown designer - $35 or best offer
14 pieces of art
2181026 X6MREP3jiB49p7O by gh0st-tea


Tess - :iconpillowrabbit: made - $35 or best offer
8 pieces of art
2742285 IzVBRSl4OFiLniL by gh0st-tea


Rigormortis - :iconhot-owl: made - $50 or best offer
(i bought her for 4k points with around 10-14 pieces of art)
27 pieces of art
Rigor By Romkom-da0td6o by gh0st-tea

$$/ points > dreamies (here and here) > swaps > hq designs (mostly looking for canine + felines) > other cs (mostly looking for birdfolk)

Journal Skin by: VladNoxArt
I got him awhile ago in a trade with a g+ user named Koiru and i'm no longer interested in the design
(I was gonna ask if they'd be interested in trading back but they already sold the character I traded for around 2.7k points I think???)

but here's the character in question;
7390731 V7hQhDx6m9Vf2eu by gh0st-tea
like already stated, he's made by ufohouse - sorry for the tag

he has more art here:

I'm mostly looking for swaps or trades
dream ocs can be found here: (almost any of these are auto)…

or you can buy him for 2.5k points / $25
or do a mix of anything, i'm not really interested in customs tho

you can also offer animal jam items

cinna 3-way

Wed May 23, 2018, 5:25 PM
if you get me choco chunk malt from here

i'll give you either or someone else from my toyhouse (possibly multiples)

the other one didn't get as much attention as I would have liked

this time I wanna get my gf something nice for her birthday since it's at the end of the month!!

I'm mostly looking for swaps/hq ocs/paypal and possibly art as an add on only?
things from here are almost an auto accept:
(willing to trade multiples depending on who it is)…


Diablo by gh0st-tea
Diablo - $37 or best offer
(+ 15 pieces of art:


Salem by gh0st-tea
Salem - $35 or best offer
(+ 14 pieces of art:

Tess by gh0st-tea
Tess - $37 or best offer
(+ 8 pieces of art:

Ripley by gh0st-tea
Ripley - $30 or best offer, mostly looking for points
(+ 3 art pieces:


Rare Guest Artist:
King by gh0st-tea
King - $45 or best offer
(+ 2 pieces of art, both are refs:

things I need to do:
Nothing as of now

things people owe me:

⭐ - paid/finished my part

art trade part of Jazmine
from: +coғғeeqυeeη @ G+⭐
how long i've been waiting: 3 months

tattoo headshot of Pumpkin
from: shrimpv 
price: 550 points ⭐
how long i've been waiting: 5 months

headshot of Pumpkin
from: +Fuzzy snowypaws @ G+
price: 150 points
how long i've been waiting: 2-3 months, but I have had updates/pre sketches

headshot of Sillow
from: +Fuzzy snowypaws
price: 150 points
how long i've been waiting: 2-3 months…

headshot of Ghost
from: +Lame Hottie @ G+
price: 50 points ⭐
-I'm actually pretty sure I got the headshot from you, so if I did please let me know!!-

art trade part of Thyme
from: +MooWOWsticks@ G+
how long i've been waiting: 10 months

bust of Pumpkin
from: +Essie ツ @ G+
price: 200 points ⭐
how long i've been waiting: 2-3 months

momotaro meme with Pumpkin + Sillow
from: +Aline TV / :iconalinelps:
price: 200 pts…

animated pixel of Shiloh
from: :iconpurplefoxkinz:
price: 250 points
how long i've been waiting: purchased today

animated icon of Pumpkin
from: :iconbarabro:
price: 350 points
how long i've been waiting: few days, under a week

This is not to rush anyone. If it's taken more than a month for you to complete whatever you owe me I'm losing patience with you and technically am rushing/pushing.
I honestly can't connect to them?? 
I feel really bad about it too but oh well

I'm mostly looking for swaps/hq ocs/paypal
things from here are almost an auto accept:
(willing to trade multiples depending on who it is)…


Diablo by gh0st-tea
Diablo - $37 or best offer
(+ 15 pieces of art:


Salem by gh0st-tea
Salem - $35 or best offer
(+ 14 pieces of art:

Tess by gh0st-tea
Tess - $37 or best offer
(+ 8 pieces of art:

Ripley by gh0st-tea
Ripley - $30 or best offer, mostly looking for points
(+ 3 art pieces:


Rare Guest Artist:
King by gh0st-tea
King - $45 or best offer
(+ 2 pieces of art, both are refs:
New journal bc the last one got pushed to the side


1453341 9MbhCVsYQl7Trzw by gh0st-tea
$32 or best offer

Salem by gh0st-tea
$35 or best offer

3874918 OjOClJpsLy3OPfB by gh0st-tea

3683397 Rz78LlaTG16Lunh by gh0st-tea


Georgette  Funnhouse Design  By P1nkink-dbjq1ym by gh0st-tea

also a list of other things I'm looking for:
-swaps (myo, ga, cb //will be willing to trade multiples)
-characters from here + here
-hq characters
-things from here
there are some other cinnas I really wanna buy so they're up for offers



looking for: (most to least wanted)
paypal (usd), no low balling please
characters from here and here 
popular cs
hq ocs

things i'm currently waiting on

Sun Sep 3, 2017, 9:18 AM

I'm not trying to rush anyone, but for people who have taken over three months to do a commission I am

//in no set order//

chibi ych from OllinKoo
150 points

cinnadog ych from melontaco
109 points
characters: - I do not own anymore… - I do not own anymore - I do not own anymore

(i'll be updating this often)

Stock images courtesy of FairieGoodMother, AlaskaStock,
Esmeralda-stock, riktorsashen, YBsilon-Stock.
Design & coding by kuschelirmel-stock.

Journal Credits
I don't rlly want her anymore aha
$25 at the very least
- has 11 arts
- comes with proof 

I'll look at trades too
I rlly don't want them anymore aha
so ota

paypal > points > characters
art is only an add on

designers im interested in:
altpnk / delicate-punk

for the cinnas i don't really care what you offer but I'm mostly looking for swaps
ik its the middle of the year and I'm just now settling on prices


Headshot - $0.25 / 25 Points
Bust - $0.35 / 35 Points
Full body - $0.50 / 50 Points

Headshot - $1.00 / 100 Points
Bust - $1.50 / 150 Points
Full body - $2.00 / 200 Points

Flat Color:
Headshot - $2.00 / 200 Points
Bust - $3.50 / 350 Points
Full body - $4.00 / 400 Points

Headshot - $3.50 / 350 Points
Bust - $4.50 / 450 Points
Full body - $5.25 / 525 Points



Headshot - $0.30 / 30 Points
Bust - $0.40 / 40 Points
Full body - $0.55 / 55 Points

Headshot - $1.25 / 125 Points
Bust - $1.75 / 175 Points
Full body - $2.25 / 225 Points

Flat Color:
Headshot - $2.25 / 225 Points
Bust - $3.75 / 375 Points
Full body - $4.25 / 425 Points

Headshot - $3.75 / 375 Points
Bust - $4.75 / 475 Points
Full body - $5.50 / 550 Points



Comes with free shipping and lamination
+$1 / 100 Points for lanyard with order

Small - $5.00 / 500 Points
Medium - $7.00 / 700 Points
Large - $9.00 / 900 Points

Small - $7.00 / 700 Points
Medium - $9.00 / 900 Points
Large - $11.00 / 1100 Points

Full Bodies
Small - $9.00 / 900 Points
Medium - $11.00 / 1100 Points
Large - $13.00 / 1300 Points
$0.50 - $1.00 / 50 - 100 Points depending on character
Adding Characters: +1/2 of original price
Background: +$0.50 - $1.00 / 50 - 100 Points
Mailed: +$1.00 / 100 Points
Traditional Orders over $10 / 1000 Points will have free shipping
I accept PayPal, Snail Mail, and DeviantArt Points as currency

I will do slight nsfw
I will not do fetishes
I will do light to extreme gore