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Lathiira: Until Next Time...

“What’s your track record so far?” the Elf pushes her hair behind her pointy ears, ensuring that her blonde locks won’t get in the way. “And please, Arlen–do try to be modest, why don’t you?” With a cheeky grin, Arlen Sirushi responds. Her dull grey eyes glinting as she gives Lathiira all the attention in the world. “Super Heroines, goddesses, villainesses, Queens, Mages,” Arlen continues as Lathiira just listens. Both women smiling as their boots hits the celestial ground causing rifts to spread throughout the empty space. “That’s quite the variety you got there, Ms. Sirushi,” Lathiira responded as soon as Arlen finished giving the list. “I’m impressed and scared at the same time.” The two women laughed with Arlen taking the most pride with the last statement. She is, after all, making a point with this little crusade of hers that she’ll target anything, anyone, any damsel, and make them feel their helplessness. She also ensures that each damsel remembers their distress for


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A Gift: Arlen Sirushi

Arlen Sirushi

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A'rlen Sirushi

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Terra Branford

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My Commission: Terra vs Shiva

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FFXIV: Remember That We Once Lived

“Remember…” Emet said. His emotions, his somberness, fully exposed as he no longer had his hood over his head. “Remember us…” As he spoke, the open wound in his chest continued to pulsate with light. A’rlen’s makeshift spear had done its damage; much to her relief and sorrow. “Remember that we once lived…” A smile, a very small but prominent smile appeared on Emet-Selch’s face after he said those words. A’rlen had only seen Emet-Selch smile when it was out of deviousness, out of malice, but she had never seen him show this emotion. As she stared at him, as he continued to lose his physical form, A’rlen couldn't help but stare into his eyes… the violence was gone. Hades was no more. All she saw was a man who wanted a better ending for him and his own. “....... I…” she tried to respond but she couldn’t form words. Instead she merely nods. A gesture she has gotten accustomed to using. With A’rlen’s response, Emet-Selch’s smile grew just a bit, but it didn't steer away from that

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V.V Epilogue: Masterless and Rage

1st of January, 1:03 am The celebration seemed to have mellowed down a bit. Not by much, but the fireworks at least has stopped. A pity--would be a nice view from where I’m standing. This part of town is perhaps one of the few areas that aren’t populated, or at the very least, no one is going to be on the rooftop of this building at this time of the morning, and definitely not during New Year’s celebration. This location is ideal for this kind of meeting, one that I was hoping Arlen was going to initiate after what happened some few weeks ago. Eventually, she did and here I am staring off to the distance where the city seem

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POP: Spider-Woman (Mattie Franklin)


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