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X-Men do not kill. X-Force does. Led by Wolverine, the black ops of the famous mutant team does the things that the X-Men can't. Psylocke is now part of that team and in order for her to fulfill a promise, she must do what the X-Force has sworn to do: spill the blood of their enemies discreetly. But what happens when working in secrecy goes against her? What happens when the promise becomes the very thing that helps promote the coming of a new age? 

Psylocke and all characters©Marvel

Ch.I: X-Force: The Age of Archangel I

Art by: :iconsharpffffff: Please check out his page for more amazing artwork! 
© 2014 - 2024 gh0st-of-Ronin
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Well much like the Jessica Drew fic I don't have tonnes of Knowledge on Psylocke or the X-Force. Some but I will certainly have to read into it more now that you have this new fic started. As for this small tease itself. Well as always you have a wonderful way of introducing the reader into a scene. I love the way you gradually describe Betsy's bondage through her thoughts so the reader slowly is revealed her helpless nature instead of all in one quick moment. Adds to the flavour of realizing Psylocke isn't exactly used to these kinds of situations and clearly isn't enthused by it but for the reader I must say I'm more then happy to see her like this xD. And of course you add enough teases about the actual story and reasons for her bondage to certainly make me want to read more and see just why the poor girl finds herself all bound and gagged like this to begin with. Will certainly be fun to see =)