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The Skyrim world of "Onyx". After Alduin was banished, this ebony Dragonborn still wanders the hostile lands searching. Killing. Shouting. Purging. Defining his presence in both cruelty and grace. But a young Khajiit will forever change how he looks at things; the Ebony Dragon discovers something far more potent than most of his endeavors.

Part II: Skyrim Chronicles: Ma'Roken II


Art by none other than kachima 

(A little tribute to a family member. May you always be as jovial, active, and happy in your after life as you were in the time you spent with us. You are loved. You are missed. And you will always be remembered, my little gold kitty.)

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Very interesting. so Ohmes and Dagi Rahts both look more elvish than not? coolio.

I do indeedy like the interactions between Onyx and Kharjo. Their ..would it be bickering? was some of the most fun I've seen.

also like watching the developing relationship between Akhari and Onyx, 

and oh. little Ma'Roken breaks my heart.