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Failing to kill her target, 2B finds herself prey to a very dangerous and vengeful former YoRHa android. Humiliated, 2B has to find a way to free herself before the worse comes to pass. A story I just decided to write for the sake of warm up. I don't write as much as I used to and I figure I can get the creative juices going with something with Nier Automata and its wonderful protagonist, 2B. Not a lot of DiDfic of her out there I just realized. Lots of awesome fanart of her both in bondage and out! 

The wonderful artist responsible for this is Xshentong , of course.

More of my Fandom: Masterless.Me 

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Mature Content

The Victorious Vixens by gh0st-of-Ronin

Victorious Vixens Project
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ThePhoenixKing's avatar
Nicely done, this turned out very well. I really liked your use of descriptive language here in particular.
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
Thanks man! 

The Nier Automata series deserves nothing less. :D 
ThePhoenixKing's avatar
Indeed, 2B is wonderful :)
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
You played/beat the game, Phoenix? :D 
ThePhoenixKing's avatar
I know what happens to her, yeah.
Lady-Distracto's avatar
Ooouupphhh...ouch! D: Right in the feels! You definitely emphasised more on the distress aspect, than I did, but you wove those story/character themes in so subtly, beneath all that, that I really feel you under-credited yourself over the end delivery. Waaaay undersold it to me! ^^ The way it came together at the end was amazing.

Heartbreaking, but...amazing! Amalia - Cry 
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
I don't know. I think you did the story aspect and delving into the character a bit more detailed and crafted than I. Granted, I didn't go for the grander characters like Adam and Eve, that is a bit more of a challenging task, but that's just it, you took on a bit more of a challenging aspect than I. 

I just wanted 2B bound and gagged and a total damsel xD I'm such a fiend. She's just designed for distress with that outfit and that personality! 

I went for the side mission when 2B and 9S were hunting the rogue YoRHa androids. Wanted to explore that more, and like yourself, found an area where it can be done and can actually somewhat work within the aspect of the game without taking away from the whole entire story. I mean, it's possible that 2B and 9S hunted down more androids but 9S doesn't remember because we all know why. 9S being curious, something he did in the side mission if I remember correctly and 2B had one of those '...." response. 

Curious. A2 someone you going to explore in a DiD scenario? :D 
Lady-Distracto's avatar
I suppose it's always a possibility, I am very, very loathe to ever say 'never', in regard to story ideas. I feel like that just needlessly stifles things! But I didn't really have any intent to have a 'sequel' to Automatically, that was definitely meant to be self contained. But perhaps one day, an A2 story or something, sure, I think there's plenty of room in the game for something like that. Maybe her and 2B squaring off, I liked their initial conflict, that could work as basis for a good story, I think :P

I remember the hunting androids mission, and did pick up that was what you'd used. It was a good basis, and it gave you plenty of ground to explore some of the minutae that makes Nier:Automata and its main characters tick, you should definitely give yourself more credit. I stand by the way you began with the DID emphasis, then subtly brought forward those character aspects, and culminated with that end. It was very well done ^^

"I just wanted 2B bound and gagged and a total damsel xD I'm such a fiend."

You say that as if there's something...wrong with that XD
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
I am practically drooling at that idea. :D Speaking of, I still need to commission her! 

I have a habit of usually starting my stories out with the DiD aspect. Most of the time, I'm 'skipping' the beginning and I fill out the rest through the middle. THat's usually for one-shots though and stories that I know will have more than one 'chapter/segment', I usually start it off with either a prologue or at the beginning. I think for 2B's case since I haven't read a lot of DiD_Fics of 2B prior to reading yours when I wrote this, I wanted to just get the adorable androids in ropes. So this is the result and I'm glad you like it. 

There's something wrong with that if I'm not twirling my moustache with my fingers :D 
Lady-Distracto's avatar
To be fair, that's exactly how most of my stories start. :P With some random scene, in mind, whether it's the DID, or a moment of character interaction, an action sequence, or some sort of joke, or a combination of a bunch of the above. If I was to describe'creative process', so to speak, I think the best way to do it...

...Lady D has a large, pristine, clean white wall. She has copious amounts of mud, and dirt, in her hands. She flings the mud at the wall, randomly, to see what sticks. Whatever is left, becomes story! :dummy:
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
I have a ton of ideas, and as you said in your interview, ideas are in abundance just hard to articulate. This certain piece was going to have the Commander reprimanding 2B at one point (in a kinky way). But I didn't get around it because I felt it would have been too out-of-place and STRETCHHHIINNNGGG the boundaries of DiD_Fic a bit too much. I think I'm happy I stopped where I DiD. 

I write and it's ugly at first. I just do a ton of editing. Read it, submit... then find out there are a ton more errors and edit again! :D My white wall, however, has a lot of red "mmmppphh" writing on them thanks to me thinking of how to make "mmmpphh" translate to more than just that. Mankind knows that there are a ton of writing out there that just depends on "mmpphh" and acronyms like "OTM or OTN" to describe gags and... yeah. 
Lady-Distracto's avatar
I do like falling around with gag-talk. I'll admit, sometimes...I do phone it in and get a bit lazy, but other times I will try to differentiate between the sound different sorts of gags would make, and badly distort actual phrases or sentences so a ready could try and discern what's actually being said. I suppose it depends on the context, the story in question, stuff like that ^^

Hmmm...I guess that story idea could have been fun, but I think your instincts were right in that it iiiiiisssss a bit thinly stretched, and very, very cheesecake :P

I am a bit of a bad one for leaving mistakes in. I try to catch them, as I prune and trim the work before posting, but sometimes I just give up and post away, and only try and fix it up afterwards ^^;
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
Oh there's nothing wrong with using the usual. That's part of the beauty of "gag-talk". There are programs out there that 'translates' how a 'gag-talk' would be with a ball gag, a tape gag, etc. I used to depend on them, now I mostly just go with the usual

LOL. Again, ring-gag and Commander lecturing poor 2B and then that baton. Nahhhh. That's strawberry cheesecake at it's finest so yes, I went it just fine. 
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Salty-St0at's avatar
Despite a few flaws, I really liked that! I gotta say it's quite refreshing to read something instead of write for once, and I sure as hell don't regret it.
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
Oooh boy, yeah I took a gander and edited some areas. Definitely some stumbling points. Thanks for pointing that out. :D Definitely appreciate it.

And I'm glad you still enjoyed it. 
Salty-St0at's avatar
Actually, you may have inspired me to try and write my own NieR story - either continue what's been started or start a new one. For this I thank you as well :heart:
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
Oh awesome! :D 

And you are welcome. Feel free to shoot said Fic my way. Best of luck, Salvage! 
DestroXXIV's avatar
Really good story!  The thing I drew inspiration from was starting the story with the peril.  It draws in the reader right away, and then lets you keep their attention while you go back and explain how the damsel got in her predicament.  I know it's a technique you have used before, but I never noticed how genius it is until now.  It also seems like a really good way to try and write a story if you are suffering from writer's block.  

Very nicely done!
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
Thank you so much. I tend to try and use things to catch the attention immediately. It's usually within cover art and the first few sentences that people either get drawn in or move away if it's DiDFic related. SO... yeah. 

Thank you so much for the kind words! Much appreciated! :D 
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