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My Commission: Frozen Skyrim cover VIII

Another commisison done by Hedrick-CS(Please check out his amazing gallery!) featuring Hans and his 'guardian' Ahna. Points for those who can figure out what armor Hans is wearing. 
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Ahna looks epic!
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Thanks! All the credits in terms of looks to the artist! =) In story, yes she will be I think. 
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What about " Anna " ? i'm really crazy on her :D :heart:
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Anna is in the story! Just not very much! :D Who knows, you might get me to commission her someday! :D 
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Hmm, Mora was a good guess until this.

Now is Hans wearing the armour of Tiber Septim which implies that either the Blades (assuming they still have it) or the Thalmor given that they sacked many of the Blades temples have given it to them.

Or is it Imperial Dragon armour, which would mean that Hans has an important Imperial benefactor that has given him this armour.

I hope Hans doesn't have Tiber Septim's armour. Waaaah! 
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There will be a chapter that will be dedicated to Hans(or a couple should I say) and it will reveal what this picture is about and what's up with the armor he is wearing. 

Let me put it this way, if anyone hates Hans and loved Oblivion.... this might be a sour spot. But hey, Hans is technically the other main character of the crossover! I'm sure someone out there will learn to love him and adore his character in this fan fiction! It might be you once he dons this armor! :D
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