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My Commission: Frozen Skyrim Cover XIII

Rise of the Guardian

There are plenty of things implied in here. A cover art for a certain chapter in the future. Though I might use it more than once since kachima did an amazing job at it! It was his bday commisison for me and I have to say, I'm honored to have him be the one to provide me with his talents for such a special occassion! Thanks friend! 

Seriously, if any of you were ever thinking about getting a commission done, jump on his slot when he has one available! kachima does a wonderful job so please pay his page a visit(if you haven't already!)

If you :+fav: this, Kachima and i appreciate it! I apologize if I don't express my gratitude to you personally! I tend to not keep up with that these days! 

CM : Elsa , you will be mine forever XD by kachima


Crossover Fanfic: Elsa: A Queen's Endeavor(Prologue) and Skyrim Chronicles: The Snow Queen (Prologue)

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My Commission: Frozen Skyrim Cover IV by ronin-gh0st

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My Commission: Frozen Skyrim Cover V by ronin-gh0st
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All kachima's work! :D I just paid for the commission! Check out his gallery for more amazing stuff! 
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I love how sensual this pic turned out. It has that dark gritty feel showing the struggle both of them have went through and yet in this moment there is a personal touch between the two. Despite Elsa being bound and essentially Onyx's captive I love how she is pressing herself close to him as if appreciating his protection and allowing herself to take a break and lean on him forgetting for the moment her helplessness and just embracing his warmth.  And Onyx does little arguing with the situation as his telltale little smirk does more then enough to convey he is enjoying the situation quite a lot even as his one hand begins to explore the cute sexy package that has fallin into his arms.

I have to give Kachima a lot of credit for his excellent use of body position that really brings to life this whole commission. He really does a great job having a simple embrace tell a lovely little story without any words to go with it. Instantly when I look at it I start to wonder how Elsa ended up the way she is caught in the embrace of energy ropes, is Onyx her captor or savior? Is Elsa enjoying the moment as much as she seems to be? Its a great sign when a picture brings out the imagination to the scene so quickly and is a testament to a great idea and wonderful execution bringing such an arousing scene to life.
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As you are aware, a lot of my commission covers have a bit more 'implying' and 'vague' physical connection to what the chapter is going through. I might even use a commission cover more than once because I like it so much, or because part of it really has some essence to the meaning of the chapter. For this particular cover, the title of the picture overall is "Rise of the Guardian", so that implies a whole hell of a lot(also my pun to the infamous shipping Jelsa). It's going to be specifically used for a MUCH later chapter though :D 

But yes, Kachima did a wonderful job on this. Really sensual as it is ominous in a way. Onyx's vampiric nature is a bit more relevant in this pic and I think for what its worth, it's the first commission that one can see Onyx actually smirking! As for Elsa, well, she has to enjoy some of her captive situation; she is after all captive in the hostile world of Skyrim so something has to be enjoyable, right? 

Thanks for the wonderful comment! xD 
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any chance for a hi res?
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If/when Kachima posts it up on his page, he usually gives the higher resolution. I usually just post a 'standard' or something adequate on my page since I'm not the artist; well, not the one who made it come to life--I just gave the funds and the words :D 
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ah i see it now, it kinda did trew me off a bit haha ^___
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Very nice, kachima does amazing work :)
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He sure did. Really happy how this one turned out! 
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Energy bindings?
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
Indeed it is. =) She seems to not mind it 

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