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My Commission: Dragon Kin

Another wonderful commission done by kachima 

A "fire" version of this crossover pic I commissioned some time back: My Commission: Frozen Skyrim Cover IV; Evil-is-Relative had a great idea of doing an opposite version of it, which... ended up being her OC Dragonborn. 

This lovely picture will be a cover art for a "crossover fanfic" between my Dovahkiin(Onyx) and my good friend's(Evil-is-Relative, Ysmir). Will be up sometime soon. 

If you haven't got the chance to check out her Dovahkiin's Story, you should! It's well written! I truly do adore her interpretation of the Skyrim world and fell in love with her Dragonborn! 
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Oh my that is some good job!
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
kachima did an amazing job with this! 
Niklas-Teac's avatar
mhmm that he did, 
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That's gorgeous! I especially love - is that Dragon Aspect? - the wings, the awesome flaming dragon wings. And Ysmir looks beautifully dangerous here. This is just lovely!
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kachima did a wonderful job with this commission. Also, Evil-is-Relative's character is so enamoring that i just had to hire a talent to get Ysmir into something like this. Thanks for the +fav:! Most of the credits are on Kachima and Evil. :D 
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I had read like, the first 25ish chapters several months ago. This kinda prompted me to binge read the rest this passed week while I've been sick.

And I've realized how amazing Ysmir is as a character (I want to simultaneously hug and slap her sometimes) and how talented Evil is to make such a story with so many well balanced plots and characters. I love her portrayal of the Elder Scrolls and its inhabitants and I find it to be quite inspiring. It has to be one of my very favorite TES stories...ever.
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She definitely is a talented writer. Probably one of the best when it comes to this genre and Elder Scroll lore. She gives enough details without drowning someone with one. Her character portrayals breathes a new life to the NPCs and she made me respect Miraak. 

I'm on chapter 66, and it's probably the only Elder Scrolls fan fiction that compels me to keep on reading because it is so well done. It also compelled me to commission her character which is what happened to this pic. xD 
Winters-Dawn1221's avatar
I hope I can follow her example, which is an absolutely amazing thing in and of itself.

She's made me like the Companions. As a stealth/magic inclined person, that quest line never appealed to me before. And yes! I wasn't too sure about Miraak here but it was new and interesting and so perfect! I can respect him now and I don't know how I'll ever do the Dragonborn quest line again without regretting his death.

Ooh, lucky. I wish I still had a handful of chapters to read.
I've read one or two Elder Scrolls stories like that; only one comes to mind and its a bit old.
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hehe thank for sharing my friend XD 
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
You are always welcome friend. =) 
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Clap She looks epic.
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Thank you! This commission was made possible through an awesome character made by Evil-is-Relative and the talent of kachima =) 
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