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Welcome to GGFanClub! We do have rules here, not a whole lot, but all members/admins need to follow them.


:bulletblack: Any and all works must contain General Grievous, either in his Kaleesh body or his cyborg one. No "alternate forms", like N-K Necrosis please.

:bulletblack: Quick doodles are fine only in the "misc. and doodles" folder, all submissoins are under review so if I think they are eligible to be in the group I will approve them or not

:bulletblack: We are not currently accepting comic pages. Cover art is acceptable, however.


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Alright so Here's my idea for a Grievous PMV. It would be really cool if people joined but like i said you don't have to this is kinda just a personal project that I'm opening to the public if they want to join.

Here's the song

And here's the parts

-Title of song/what it’s about pmv

-All artists names (dAnames)

-Grievous standing on his ship with battle droids and such

-Republic ship on fire and shiz

-Just his face seems to be thinking

-Eyes closed head down (memories sort of starting)

You were a child
-Frightened child Qymaen after killing first huk, crying

Crawling on your knees toward him
-Huggin his father when he has returned, dead huk in bg

Making momma so proud
-Mom is trying to make him feel better

But your voice is too loud
-close up on his face against his mom still crying

We like to watch you laughing
-Finding ronderu in the forest from his dream

Picking insects off of plants
-Him and Ronderu killing Huk

No time to think of consequences
-Ronderu being outnumbered and overcome by Huk

Control yourself
-Qymaen with tears in his eyes and angry face because he’s realized she won’t be coming back

Take only what you need from it
-Qymaen attack Huk slaughtering the hell out of them

A family of trees wanting to be haunted
-Huk going to the republic to ask for help

Control yourself
-Jedi and republic driving kaleesh back

Take only what you need from it
-His people starving

A family of trees wanting to be haunted
-Him working for the banking clans

The water is warm
-Right after his shuttle crash him being pulled out of water

But it's sending me shivers
-Him in bacta tank

A baby is born
-One of Grieovus’ wives with one of his babies (have something in the bg to represent it’s his wife) (whoever said his children were full grown when the shuttle crash happened)

Crying out for attention
-Baby just crying

Memories fade
-pic of ronderu (ronderu in particular because they did take away some of his memories of her)

Like looking through a fogged mirror
-Same picture but with the fogged screen whatever over it

Decisions too
-fullbody him looking at himself (this is recently after he is turned into a cyborg)

Decisions are made and not bought
-closer of him looking at self

But I thought this wouldn't hurt a lot
-again looking at himself with a disgust this time though

I guess not
-head low not looking at self anymore, kinda sad

Control yourself
-Dooku talking to him

Take only what you need from it
-Dooku giving him the lightsaber

A family of trees wanting to be haunted
-dooku training him

Control yourself
-Grievous commanding droid army

Take only what you need from it
-(the scene from the cartoon with the fallen ship and him stopping the army from shooting)

A family of trees wanting to be haunted
-the jedi inside the ship all scared

-Most of these empties will be redraws from the cartoon, I’ll probably do all of these but if you want to do one talk to me and i’ll give you ideas to do for it)


Control yourself
-him trying to kidnap palpatine

Take only what you need from it
-mace windu crushing his chest

A family of trees wanting to be haunted
-him barely escaping into the ship

Control yourself
-Talking to sidious over hologram

Take only what you need from it
-bowing to sideous

A family of trees wanting to be haunted
-talking to the separatist folk

Control yourself
-obi wan shows up

Take only what you need from it
-obiwan and grievous fighting maybe the twirly part

A family of trees wanting to be haunted
-now they are fighting at the landing platform

Control yourself
-point of view obiwan grabbing for the gun

Take only what you need from it
-shooting grievous

A family of treeeeeeeeeees
-the metal remains of him fade to black
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