GGaR - Fiction contest is OVER!!!!

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Hello it's your dear :iconatomicredboots: again, I hope you enjoyed this contest as much as I did, UNF the stories!

I'm so happy to see how many fanfics you beautiful writers posted here and how talented you are for this. All of them are gorgeous, funny, touching and "so roomie" :)
I had lots of fun with this and remember all of you are the fuckin winners for me <3333 lurrv.

So now the contest is over is time for the judges (us, staff)  to decide who will be the winner, so be patient peepz, soon you will know!!!!


Kisses and love for you all, GGaR staff and Chloé.
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It has been quite some time now since this contest ended (two weeks) and I hope you'll understand when I confess that I'm getting rather curious and also a little impatient for the result... Which is why I'm wondering if and how the winners will be announced, and erm, when?
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Gyaaaah, me too! I told myself I would be patient and all, but man, I'm so damn curious. I'm so glad I'm not the only one.
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yeah *catches kisses and hugs*
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Yaaaaaay! Good luck everybody!
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Yeah I wish everyone luck as well. All of the stories are really good up to amazing! I can imagine that it's a tough pick.
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Good luck to all the other participants!
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