GGaR-Fiction contest WINNERS!

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First of all, thanks you again for being part of this and give us such lovely fanfics!!!
It was hard, we read every masterpiece and loved them all so much, but of course we couldn't just let everyone get the first place.
But guess what, :iconchlove-art: says she's very happy with the results of this, and wants to hug you all and thank you for everything.
-WELL GURL, we make us happy too <3-

So the winners AAAAAAREEE....................................

1st place is for  ------------------ :iconsymour: with…

2nd place is for ------------------ :icondarkelectra: with…

3rd place is for  ------------------ :iconshinobicyrus: with… and :iconjimnorth:… (yes, they share the place because they're amazingly equaly good!)

Prepare yourselves to get the awesome prizes 8D!!! lurvs for you all!
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jimnorth's avatar
Yay, third place! And congratulations to all the other winners! And big ups to all the other folks that entered! Thems were some mighty fine readings all 'round. :nod:
shinobicyrus's avatar
Swank, tied for third! Never tied for anything before- of course never entered a contest. I demand a tie breaker decided by an online game of rock-paper-scissors, not sure how'd that work but I'm sure we can figure something out.

Cheers, everyone! :handshake:
jimnorth's avatar
We must kung fu fight to the death! MY HONOR DEMANDS IT! :matrixfight:
shinobicyrus's avatar
Can we just kung fu fight until one of us gets tired? My honor is sort of lazy and apathetic. :yawn:
jimnorth's avatar
Sounds good to me. In fact, let's just skip the fight and get right to napping. :sleep:

Hooray for peace by default!
sakura-raven-fan's avatar
Third place winners message me with your requests :) great job everyone
jimnorth's avatar
Oops, probably should have thought what I would ask for if I won. :o

Will send my request soon, hopefully! Thanks in advance! :D
chlove-art's avatar
They were really each and everyone a joy to read. Thanks everyone :)
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