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It is fan-fiction time, baby! Attention writers, this is your chance!


-It must be a one-shot
-the relationship between Romie and Lillian must be the main subject
-You can submit a GGaR-fiction you made before the contest if it fits the theme (or write a new one of course)
-You must have fun writting this fan-fiction.


"How do you see Roomie's relationship with Lillian?"
Is it true love, true friendship, or a simple mutual respect before Roomie dashes off in Aggie's (or another woman's) arms? YOU tell the story!


Winners will receive gift-arts from:

1st place:
-  :iconchlove-art: -colored-
- :iconatomicredboots:
- :icontheswissbanana:

2nd place:
- :iconchlove-art: -sketch-
- :icontite-pao:
- :icon0-pau-0:

3nd place:
- :iconsakura-raven-fan:
- :iconsaieki:

The winner will be also featured in :iconchlove-art: 's journal, fame!

01/03/2012 (means you have a whole month!)

We GGar-group-staff wish you all the best luck, and may Chloé be with you! <3
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I can't submit my literature to Deviantart (because of annoying file problems -.-)... Can I put it on and send you the link?
DarkElectra's avatar
Is there a word count limit?
Caricacaea's avatar
Yes! I am so there! :D
Caricacaea's avatar
Does it need to be prose? Or are poems allowed too?
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I've written a story for this contest, but I have trouble submitting it to the "GGaR-FICTION Contest" folder. DA seems to let me submit it only to either the "Featured", the "RoomieXLillian" or the "Miscellaneous" folders. Do I have to be a member of the group to post it to the correct folder, or am I doing something wrong?

Anyway, here's my story: [link]

Hope you like it...
Symour's avatar
Ok, I think I just figured it out... I hope...
racheloo's avatar
WOOOOW I can't wait too reaad alll the fanfiction :D
TaishoBones's avatar
Where do we submit the finished product?
AtomicRedBoots's avatar
in the ggar-fiction folder!
CCLM's avatar
Oh yes, finally I have motivation to write again.

Vera-Firefly's avatar
Oh! This could be fun...
saieki's avatar
Can I make one, can I make one?! Pleaaase! I promise, I won't send it as an official one for the contest!
MyArtIsMyBass's avatar
Wait, a couple of questions.

1: Does GGAR take place in France? (specifically Paris because I was gonna use some landmarks)
2: Would Roomie eat bacon?
AtomicRedBoots's avatar
GGaR takes place wherever you want, what's what Chloé said. However, Jo's bar is in belgium
MyArtIsMyBass's avatar
Meh. Paris works fine then because there's no place better than the city of love for the Queen of the Lesbian Hippy Space Pirates.

Also I checked up on the geography already.
saieki's avatar
I can't answer for Chloé really, but after the discussion I've had with her a year ago, I don't think it takes place in Paris. But wait for her (or someone else) to answer! ;p
MyArtIsMyBass's avatar
Okay. Well I may need to revise my concepts then because it involves a weird scavenger hunt that involves the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, Joe's bar and Roomie covered in birthday cake.
saieki's avatar
Maybe you can! Perhaps it could take place in Paris... Try to ask Chloe straight on her DA page, I'm not sure whether she reads the journal or not as she ain't the one writing the articles!
MyArtIsMyBass's avatar
You also make a valid point!
Thankee good sir.
saieki's avatar
Miss shall be enough for me ;P but if you had any other questions I could answer, I'd try to help you!
MyArtIsMyBass's avatar
My apologies :D
saieki's avatar
allstar20032's avatar
I'm totally doing this!
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