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It is fan-fiction time, baby! Attention writers, this is your chance!


-It must be a one-shot
-the relationship between Romie and Lillian must be the main subject
-You can submit a GGaR-fiction you made before the contest if it fits the theme (or write a new one of course)
-You must have fun writting this fan-fiction.


"How do you see Roomie's relationship with Lillian?"
Is it true love, true friendship, or a simple mutual respect before Roomie dashes off in Aggie's (or another woman's) arms? YOU tell the story!


Winners will receive gift-arts from:

1st place:
-  :iconclover-comics: -colored-
- :iconatomicredboots:
- :icontheswissbanana:

2nd place:
- :iconclover-comics: -sketch-
- :icontite-pao:
- :icon0-pau-0:

3nd place:
- :iconsakura-raven-fan:
- :iconsaieki:

The winner will be also featured in :iconclover-comics: 's journal, fame!

01/03/2012 (means you have a whole month!)

We GGar-group-staff wish you all the best luck, and may Chloé be with you! <3
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I can't submit my literature to Deviantart (because of annoying file problems -.-)... Can I put it on and send you the link?