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Rules & Folders

Before you start to add your art, please read the rules first.

The only rule here is: everything that's original and Guilty Gear related can into the group. Fanart of the game characters, well is partially allowed, but we'd be happier if it's more OC related.

Since the GG:GC group is meant to be a home for your OC, the folders represent places, where your chara can stay. Below you'll see the descriptions.

:new: GG:GC winquotes You'r characters battle win quotes against other OC's

Pixel Pit Beat a special place for all the character sprites

Assassins Guild - for assassin charas

Gears Hideout - all gear charas, gear hybrides, beast charas, etc.

Holy Order - the sanctuary of elite members who follow the path of justice

Robo-Ky Factory - for all custom robo charas and their creators

Freelancer Street - for all undefined charas and bounty hunters, crazy maniacs, anthros, performers, ninjas etc that can't decide their own place to stay

The Colisseum Arena - for all group drawings, whether a pair, few or lot charas at once

The Dark Side - for darkside characters, maniacs, freaks, etc

The Gate of Dimensions - all charas from other dimensions that landed in GG world for some reason, also other games influenced characters... (yes games like BB, Halo, SF, or simply your own world, I allow them here ;)

Heaven or Hell - all kinds of stories, fanfics, PWAB reports, animations, comics, cosplay, fanart, and other GG related stuff

So, decided where you belong to?
What are you waiting for?

~And have fun! JutaWi



Gallery Folders

Guilty Gear: Gathering Chaos Xrd, Dizzy 2.0 by LionheartXIII
GGGC OC FanArt: Hiring the Mercenary Priest by GiGSakamoto09
GGGC OC FanArt: Chilling Gathering final by GiGSakamoto09
GGGC OC FAN Comic My Customers 3 by GiGSakamoto09
-Anniversary events-
P3NNY by Chipp-Zanuff
GGGC: Chaos Shift - Rhapsody del Adel by Silver1bow
CHaos Shift - Raven Blackhordes by LukeTheRipper
Chaos Shift: Lylali Grimmwood by boo133
Gathering Chaos entries
Bram Vs Pain Light GGGC OC by GiGSakamoto09
Final Round - Alice vs. Ivan by LukeTheRipper

Mature Content

Alice vs. Hector by LukeTheRipper
Pixel Pit Beat
Guilty Gear OC Lena by ReplicaNo11
Dynamic duo by ReplicaNo11
Guilty Gear OC Mariah Rosefield (Old Bio) by ReplicaNo11
ZER0|Black Hole Wraith by EnmismAnima
Assassins Guild
i luv u, moth fren :3c by DeathstarCocktail
ShaKat|Mass Effect Edition by EnmismAnima
ShaKat|Darkstalkers Edition by EnmismAnima

Mature Content

Back of the Bare Lynx by EnmismAnima
Holy Order
OC: Tito by MajorAlisaFan
Saint Angol|Brighter Side of Suffering by EnmismAnima
Robo-Ky Factory
Secret Santa '18 vol1: Nitro by kiko-burza
Icaro|Sky-Ky by EnmismAnima
BSC Presents - Soul Calibur V by XGP-Nataku
Nitro COLORED by LukeTheRipper
Freelancer Street
GG OC FanArt: Wilhelm Cruz Grand by GiGSakamoto09
GG OC: (Pain Lights) Wepon Radio Buster Sword by GiGSakamoto09
GGGC OC: Kunai Ren colored close up shot 2 by GiGSakamoto09
GGGC OC: Katana Rin colored close up shot 2 by GiGSakamoto09
The Colisseum Arena
GGGC OC FanArt: Sisters Sudden Encounter by GiGSakamoto09
GGGC OC FanArt: Assassin's  by GiGSakamoto09
GGGC OC FanArt: The Alliance  by GiGSakamoto09
GGGC OC FanArt: Zepps MIGHTIEST by GiGSakamoto09
The Dark Side
GGGC OC: Dieron full body 1 by GiGSakamoto09
The Gate of Dimensions
Seth Lionheart by EnmismAnima
Because the group has gotten kinda stale (and because that old journal really needed to be replaced |D), I though we should do something fun.

So long story short, we all know how the characters of GGGC look like, but what we're yet to know, is what they sound like.
So, what I want you to do is choose a Japanese seiyuu and English voice actor for your Guilty Gear OCs and share it with the rest of the group, and I'll keep adding it in this very journal.
Give it some thought if you must, but the more people take part in this the more fun it'll be, and if we get a lot of entries, we could make one big image with the list (with photos and all, I think there was a meme thingie for that)

OK, so first, choose a an English and Japanese voice for your character (and if you want, feel free to choose any other language too), list a few of their roles so that we'll have some sort of idea of what their voice actually sounds like, and optionally, give a little sample of their voice, be it anime scene, video game scene or voice compilation (shouldn't be too hard to get on Youtube), especially since certain seiyuus and VAs can have a very diverse voice gallery (for example, if you choose Tara Strong, specify if it's Twilight Sparkle Tara or Harley Quinn Tara, etc.), and YES, you can choose anyone, it doesn't have to be a professional seiyuu/VA, it can be an ordinary actor, or singer, or even a Youtuber, all fair here.

HEAVEN OR HELL, let's hear it!

The list:

Gerard Gunsmith
Japanese seiyuu - Junichi Suwabe (Venom in Guilty Gear series)

English voice actor - Grant George, voice sample -…
Japanese seiyuu - Daisuke Namikawa, voice sample -

Kat Blackhordes
English voice actress - Kate Higgins (Talim in Soul Calibur III, Lady in Devil May Cry 4, Tails in Sonic The Hedgehog series), voice sample -…
Japanese seiyuu - Chiwa Saito (Patty Fleur in Tales of Vesperia, Kim Diehl in Soul Eater, Taokaka in BlazBlue series) , voice sample -…

Loki Watts
English voice actor - D.C. Douglas (Raven in Tekken series, Alkbert Wesker in Resident Evil series), voice sample -
Japanese seiyuu - Eiji Sekiguchi (Remy in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike), voice sample -…

Japanese seiyuu - Takeshi Kusao (Ky Kiske in Guilty Gear series)

English voice actress - Shelby Rabara (Peridot in Steven Universe), voice sample -……
Japanese seiyuu - Mayumi Shintani (Nonon Jakuzore in Kill-La-Kill, Angel in King of Fighters 2002, Haruko Haruhara in FLCL), voice sample -…

Japanese seiyuu - Takeshi Kusao (Robo-Ky in Guilty Gear series)

English voice actor - Jutawi
Japanese seiyuu - Jutawi

English voice actor - Michael Yurchak (Obito Uchiha in Naruto), voice sample -…
Japanese seiyuu - Takahiro Sakurai, voice sample -…
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