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and the opposing faction of course :)
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Looks absolutely amazing.

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The two lower ones look the best
I don't quite remember sinister ever looking this good![ YURI ON ICE ] Drunk Yuuri 
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beautiful bullet crafts, wouldnt be surprised if temporal compression or warp speeds were possible
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Love the design and the rendering, would make a fantastic future Bat Mobile. Are these three vehicles or a morphing transport.
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thank you! yeah the bat mobile kept jumping to mind while I was making it :D
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can you make a video time lapse or something of the sort? It's just the most badass vehicle design I've ever seen. Good job.
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Hey Thanks a lot VonHorror! doing a video is something I've been thinking about for some time, I'll see if I can get that going at some point! Cheers! :)
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most totally awesome vehicle designs
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thank you!! :)
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Nice Work ! I have been enjoying your work lately ! I hope you plan to make more great work !

P.S be sure to check out my work ! i think you might like it ! 

Sincerely, Bernard Kelly
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Thank you Bernerdd, I don't plan to stop for quite a while eheh cool photos on your page, cheers!! :)
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great designs! and I like the rendering
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thank you very much! ^^
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