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beeskneesfx is back online after 11 years!
any art competitions going around? would like to gain some traction... 
Merci de m'avoir accepter,

Faire parti d'un groupe avec plein de gens talentueux me rend nerveux mais bon,

Je ferai de mon mieux pour faire de belle création.

Je ne vous décevrai pas ! 

hey designers, I'm in need some help and would like some of you to join my forum. You can show off your designs, post resources and more.
Link: www.taintedonez.taintedwingz.x…
I appreciate the acceptance, i'm happy to be around so many talented people in this awesome group!
It's kind of sad to see how GFXr has become, most of the new things that pass aren't much compared to what passed two years ago... Well still, it,s a great place to find inspiration from! Ain't gonna stop to see as gods those that thought me photomanipulation!