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Iphone nature edition

second version of iphone :) i think
it looks k00l

-> you need a logo?
<- you need a website?
<- you need other stuff?
-> contact me!
-> niklas94[at]arcor[dot]de
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Cool :)

Where did you get the trees from?
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Aaaawww you make the iPhone so much more appealing. :heart:
I wanted one until I heard the break easy and are sometimes hard to control. :( Though I do have an iPod.
Anywas, very nice. :) I am just wondering how you got it right in the middle of all the trees and rocks. :D It is very nice, and could even be a comercial for them I think. :)
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geile arbeit! gefällt mir =)
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I think it's a really cool design, maybe if the iPhone was going to advertise something uniquely japanese to the iPhone.
The black stripes kind of distract me from the image though.
You combined them images well, I can hardly tell!
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is ein bissel wenig aber nice ^^
Hätte den Disyplay des i Phone veränder ;)(
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neh du geht nur um die aufmachung :P
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so wie ein werbespot halt :)
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Mowl ich sage was geschieht ^^
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die lines sind doof ^^
sonst nice
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^^ sehr geil. bis auf die schwarzen linien
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danke^^ die schwarzen linien sind geil xD
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yes,it looks really cool :D I only don't like the flowing lines..
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thanx like these lines so much :P
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loool iphone sucks :)
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