GFX Union Forum DeviantArt Competition Poll #293 [Seven Day Voting][GUAC] Mixed Art
30 votes
1 Charlize by Azathoth-N
2 Marie-Antoinette by Sweetlylou
3 :: Laevateinn :: by Sangrde
4 Wicked Comes in Many Forms by SuzieKatz
5 :: Demon Cyborg :: by Sangrde
6 Pablinchis in the jungle UPDATE by lauraypablo
7 Signature Gia Vertical by Ellanna-Graph
8 The lady with hydrangeas - La dame aux hortensias by SpringDA
9 Fireblue - Spirit by Kodeks
A The beauty lake by annemaria48

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Voted 5, Thanks for 
all the Mixed Art Entries.
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on the 28th Feb.