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Lightning brush set

By gfx-shadows
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16 brushes in here, made in cs
9-10 on preview
have fun with them
if you down plz leave a comment and or fav!

If you can't help yourself:…
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These are grreat 
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Thanks for the mention!
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Wow, these are beautiful! Are they free for commercial use as well?
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Thanks for your comment.

You may use them but please do give credit.
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Actually gonna use these to simulate plant roots—but they should work like a charm!  Thanks!
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Thanks for the use, would love to see the result!
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Wow! thnx, very kwl
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You're welcome, have fun with them.
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For my storm cosplay, thanks <3
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Have fun with the cosplay!
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Thank you, very useful! :)
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Looks nice, keep up the work.
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DUDE this is PERFECT exactly what I was looking for!  Thank you SO much!
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Glad you like them, have fun!
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Thank you :) Very curious to try these out!
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Thanks, awesome lighting! I cannot wait to use these.
How do you download these awesome brushes?
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The "download file" button should be right next to these comments. It's an ABR, meaning it's a brush. (Duh.). After you download this and any other brushes you want, put them in the custom brushes folder in your Photoshop file directory. You can then open Photoshop, select the brush tool, go up to change your brush, and say "Load custom brushes". Then you will click on this file. You can now make streams of lightning in Photoshop, that's how it works for me.
Thank you, sorry for asking a dumb question lol
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