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Great Fans of Onizuk
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Welcome to GFO! (Great Fanclub Onizuka)

If you couldn't figure it out, this is a lovely lovely club devoted to all things GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka), whether it be manga, anime, or even the live action drama! We love it all!

Now, for all the official-type stuff!

1/7- New members, and a new entry
11/19- A new member, and I'm going to send out a club-wide reminder of our happy little contest in a feeble attempt to get more entries!
11/26- Three new members.. but where are the contest entries?! T_T
11/18- New member, and a new contest entry! Make more! Now!
11/14- One new member, come on people, where are you?
11/5- New members! I guess we're not all TOO dead.
10/17- A new member finally.. jeez.. are we dead or something? I thought the contest would liven things up. :P
9/24- I've decided to make the club's first contest! Scroll down and check it out!
9/22- A new member! And I think I'm going to have that contest.. I'll be sending a club-wide note out soon. ^^
9/21- Oh lordy.. I guess we're not that dead after all! Welcome our newest member and affiliates!
8/16- We got a new member! Yay for us! Whew! I just had to reorganize the club! Nya.. guess no signatures means no journal sigs either, huh? It seems the icons are sort of down(only a few seem to work) , so I just listed everyone as devs for the time being. Once thats fixed, you all will have your icons and such posted again. Also, I'm thinking of starting a contest soon- I'll note everyone to drop in suggestions.

1. Like GTO.. dur!
2. Be a dear, and put up with all the strange going ons!
3. Be nice to your fellow GFO'ers!

How to Join:
Just send a note to mercifuldeath and all will be done for you! Just remember to put the icon in your... sig.. journal.. whatever.

You could also send a note to the club... but we can't promise a fast reply, as we only log into GFO when we need to update or get new members.

:iconmercifuldeath:- Woohooo! THe CREATOR, baby!
:iconkainjest:- A Temp Manager! He lost the password though.. so... I have no idea! ^^;

Draw Onizuka as a woman!!! (Or dressed as one for more comedic quality)
(or any of the cast of GTO as their opposite gender)
-Any medium, any materials, all visual art.
-Keep it clean enough to be on DA
-Artistic Honesty = No tracing, copying, etc.
-Have as much fun and be as wacky as you want!
-Use your creativity!
-Note or comment with your entry!
To be determined... ^^;
Also to be announced later. (You'll most likely have a month to complete it)

Members: (37)
:iconharunatsuakifuyu: :iconnightcat82: :iconprecociouspeach: :iconatechnogoddess: :iconreisparkles: :iconjaxspider: :iconsato: :icondeformedskittle: :iconanalogue-fortune: :iconkw0k: :iconangieness: :iconpanictask: :iconneolittleman: :iconkentaropjj: :iconmitsui82: :iconorochi1356: :iconbigpizamp69: :iconfinnedartist: :iconnalem: :iconnegoki: :iconneooffs: :iconllawela: :iconghosthost: :iconredferroj: :iconcell-chan: :icontridotquoter: :iconnfs99: :iconvash-girl: :icononizuka-san: :iconharu-san: :icongreasedlytning: :icondaveizoid: :iconzenobo: :iconkoukris: :iconsikona: :iconrazaelaurelie: :iconlankun: :iconhatsu-chan:

Our Respected Affiliates!
:iconsaiyukifanclub: :iconmangaclub: :iconanime-club: :iconscclub: :icongackt-club: :iconmizer-fans:

We're listed!
:iconcommunities: :iconclubs-club:


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Relyob Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2009
Patorisha Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2009
Can I join??? Can I join??? GTO is my Fav manga-anime!!!
Relyob Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2007
Is this club still upo and running? If so could I be a member please? [=
NSV Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2006
haha this show is hilarious
great-teacher-yota Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2006
like me you avatar x)
Clubz Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2004
Would Like to be Listed ?!!

Just Click *Clubz
Katsumaru Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2004
*poke poke* if this club is alive i'll join lol
GhoulSoul Featured By Owner May 21, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
onizuka is great!!!!!!!!!
SHF Featured By Owner May 12, 2004
Is the contest still on? The club seems practically dead. I dunno whether I can still join...
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