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The Tribes of Mirah's Isle

Are you interested in joining our group? Awesome! Can't wait to have you! But before you join, please read the following journals to help you get ready to join without the hassle of mistakes! Thanks for visiting Mirah's Isle!

If you'd like to get to know us, or have any questions and would like to have a live chat with the leaders, then come on over to the discord server if you're interested in joining so we can help you along with your character creation!


How to Join + Character Creation


Earnings and Store

Ban List

Ranks and Traits

Culture and Lore


✦Goddess Mirah✦
Goddess Mirah is the creator of Mirah's Isle and all that is in it. She was born into the heavens when the moon covered the sun during a perfect eclipse. She saw the beauty of the blank and tiny world and chose to build something of it. She created the plains, the forests, the geysers, the tiny island next to her Isle, and filled it all with living creatures and an intelligent species of feline called Geyser Cats.

Crystal - Red by StormStarDragon Crystal - Red by StormStarDragon
✦Steam Tribe✦
The oldest of the four tribes, Steam Tribe resides in the dry, arid parts of Mirah's Isle, living among the very geysers that power the Geyser Cats and their steam emitting tails. They are generally ambitious, short-tempered, and muscular. They have big front paws for digging their burrows, and powerful back legs for jumping into the air and catching their prey.

Crystal - Ocean Blue by StormStarDragon Crystal - Ocean Blue by StormStarDragon
✦Ocean Tribe✦
The second oldest of the four tribes, Ocean Tribe resides on a small island off the coast of Mirah's Isle. They are generally peaceful and patient Geyser Cats that can hear the very Ocean speak to them when another soul is in dire need of help and in need of saving from the ocean. Ocean Tribe has webbed feet, long slinky bodies, waterproof pelts, and are able to breath underwater.

Crystal - Leaf Green by StormStarDragon Crystal - Leaf Green by StormStarDragon
✦Rain Tribe✦
The second newest of the four tribes, Rain Tribe resides in the thick rain forest on Mirah's Isle. They are generally stubborn and stealthy Geyser Cats that can close there eyes and feel the forest around them and all the life that's in it. Rain Tribe has thumbs on their front paws for gripping the tree branches and easy climbing, big ears for hearing over the endless rain, long front legs, and long, thin claws.

Crystal - Gold by StormStarDragon Crystal - Gold by StormStarDragon
✦Moonwater Tribe✦
The newest tribe of the four tribes, Moonwater Tribe resides in an cave on the more northern part of Mirah's Isle. They are very spiritual and wise and are the ones who receive signs from Mirah about the future. Moonwater Tribe has long geyser tails and long legs to help them run on the moorlands. And they can see long distances because of their somewhat large eyes. They can see in the dark while no other tribe can.

[F2U] Tiny Plant Bullet~ by Chokuletu Tiny potted plant pixel by candied-dreams All Pixels Belong to Their Rightful Owners! Tiny potted plant pixel by candied-dreams [F2U] Tiny Plant Bullet~ by Chokuletu


F2U Seashells by SunkenAnchor Whale by CrystalTrees F2U Seashells by SunkenAnchor
[MISC] Earth Faerie Divider (F2U) by Zombhood
As you approach Mirah's Isle with a few others, you gaze at the majestic beauty of the island. The back of the whale you're riding on is being driven by a single Geyser Cat as he calls to the whale to make turns here and there to avoid jutting out rocks and sudden swelling of the ocean waves.
The whale comes to a stop at the port where the Geyser Cats of Mirah's Isle trade their various items back and forth overseas. You jump off the whale to visit for a while, and you may choose to leave on the whale again... or stay for a bit longer.
Vaporwave beach - divider [F2U] by Whizavy
As you debate on whether you should stay or not, a Geyser Cat approaches you. You wait, staring at the cat.
"Greetings," The cat meows as colorful steam pours out of his geyser tail. "I hope you all enjoy your visit here. If you enjoy what you see... then perhaps I could show you around for a while... hmm?"

[F2U] Tiny Plant Bullet~ by Chokuletu Tiny potted plant pixel by candied-dreams All Pixels Belong to Their Rightful Owners! Tiny potted plant pixel by candied-dreams [F2U] Tiny Plant Bullet~ by Chokuletu
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