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Be greeted beloved watchers, I'm back as I always promised <3
Maybe not the way you expected, because the next drawings will show you a couple of ravens :-)
I am working on a raven oracle card deck for my husband, and here you can see the first card :-)
This is personal for my husband and only he is allowed to use this. But I am allowed to share the works with you here guys :D
I thought about working on a dragon oracle card set after I am done with this project, and maybe I try to publish it, so that everyone of you can connect with the wonderful dragon energy through the cards <3 (Of course it is possible without any tools at any time to connect with dragons^^)
I hope you're doing well and will enjoy the journey of the magic of the raven oracle <3

:bulletblack: Medias used:
- Colour pencils
- Pastel chalks
- Some edits with Gimp

More Art from me:
Rebirth by Gewalgon Into boundless freedom by Gewalgon We invite you into the world of magic ~ by Gewalgon

© Copyright by me, Gewalgon - Lira Catana
Please don't take, use, reupload, etc. my work without my written permission. Thank you! ♥

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Foxofwonders's avatar

It's been a while! Welcome back!

Gewalgon's avatar

Thank you! :-)

Corvidocious's avatar

What an amazing bird of color!

Corvidocious's avatar

I have a question, where can I get the pride month acceptance badges?

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dein werk sieht so cool aus ,:)hallo gewalgon , wie gehts dir und mit deinen familie ,

Gewalgon's avatar

Hallöchen, freut mich von dir zu lesen <3 Vielen Dank!

Uns allen geht es sehr gut ^^ Wie geht es dir und deiner Schwester?

barodiusfan's avatar

dass ist gut zo horen das es euch gut geht, mir und meine schwester gehts auch gut :hug::heart:

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werewolfawesome's avatar

You're most welcome.

shyfoxling's avatar

Aw, lucky him that he will get a unique deck :). (My husband has this deck with a somewhat similar idea and I like it a lot)

Gewalgon's avatar

Looks interesting, didn't know it yet :-)

Mizuki-T-A's avatar

Beautiful! Red lighting works very effectively and attractively.

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Fire-Link's avatar

Great work. How's things going?

Gewalgon's avatar

Thank you!

Very well, I started to hatch out of my cocoon I was a very long time inside.

And how are you?

Fire-Link's avatar

That's wonderful. Me I've been busy with work.

MellowSunPanther's avatar

It's nice to have you back. I always knew you would still have the magic in you, and it shows full well here.

Gewalgon's avatar

Thank you! <3

It was a long journey for me to find my way back.

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