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Magical bond - We break the seal! - Digital

By Gewalgon
This picture is the digital version from:
Magical bond - We break the seal! by Gewalgon

- 26.1.2013 -

It's only for you, :iconscailyn: !

Characters belong to me and Scailyn

More Art from me:
Dragon Magic - We bring the wonders back! by GewalgonStonehenge - Source of magic by Gewalgon

© Copyright by me, Gewalgon - Bettina Catana
Black winged Cat "Scailyn" belongs to Scailyn
Please don't take, use, reupload, etc. my work without my wirtten permission. Thank you! ♥

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:star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Technique
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Impact

I really like the background. The moon and sky are very detailed and majestic. The lighting around the moon itself is well done too. Also, the texture and lighting effects on the white dragon's coat are very well done. However, the wings of the cat are very plain. It seems as if less effort was spent on the cat itself. Another thing, is the eyes. They seem artificial and not very realistic, and based off human eyes. Albeit, this IS a fantasy picture, but the eyes throw me off a little, especially with the cat smiling. Otherwise, it is really well done. good job!!
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Thank you very much for your detailed critique! :-)
This one is a really old piece of me, I already improved a lot in drawing feathered wings, and I think the eyes of my creatures doesn't look that much as human eyes anymore. But it's a good point you mentioned I didn't really noticed so far! :-)
Thank you very much again!
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No problem! I'm glad to help!  Although, mind you, I could never even dream of drawing  what you did so beautifully!
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*just took a look into your Gallery*
You're kidding me, right?

Look how I drew in past! ->…
I just practiced... and loved to draw, no matter how "good" others were...
And I see also Love in your drawings, so please keep it up!
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Aww! Haha, thank you!
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Impact

Aside from technique and qualities of the traditional/digital art differentiation, I don't see a lot of change. Sure the shadings and color blendings are different but aside from that, not much else. Except the moons and eyes. The mystic elements of Stonehenge, phoenix, dragon, winged cat (don't exactly understand the wings), and the full moon are adequate (cat wings might be too much) to give a feeling of magic in the air! The phoenix in the background, i wonder...could it be related to [link]? When I saw the expressions upon the faces of the dragon and the kitty, could there be a romance involved? They're probably just good friends but thats the impression I first got. Overall both pictures are very enchanting, and that suits my tastes as well as yours.
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Thank you very much for your critique!
I think I should explain something here.
The winged cat is the character from *Scailyn .
She has wings because it's a fusion of this both creatures: [link]
(As for example my character Alvrericjas - he is a fusion of the black Phoenix Arcarija and the scaled version from Alvrericjas.)
So both characters are a symbol for ourselves.
So there no romance^^
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Wow :)
dark and mystery ;)

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Hi ,

Harmony & happiness & Love & light to all who read this . ^..^

Such an amazing drawing again , besides that it is so awesomely drawn that it could be like you took a picture of a "dream" of yours and "magically" foxed that moment on a paper ,

I love the intense and deep feeling of love that is raying out from this drawing , the love that lies in this gaze in each others eyes ^..^
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Thank you very much, I'm glad you can feel the emotions behind the picture! :-)
And I'm glad you like it! ^.=.^
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oo, so you love dragons eh? so do I^^.

I really think this is such an amazing dragon, I love the cat as well and the background is really beautiful^^
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It's more than love, I really adore dragons! :heart:
Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it! :aww:
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Aww that's wonderful :3

So okay if you could ever have any dragon in the world, what sort of dragon would you like to have as a pet and what colour?^^
Gewalgon's avatar
Oh, wouldn't have one as pet, but as friend^^
And I love especially moondragons. Most of them has white-silver scales, big glowing yellow eyes and they have a wonderful character. Here you can see one example -> [link]
My Oc is a moondragon too and in the group I have collected some informations about him-> [link]
If you read about the "gender" it could be interesting too^^ There is something special about the moondragon race.

...Sorry that I am writing so much xD I know a lot of the dragons and the races, especially moondragons :-)
They are little known.

Which race is your favourite?
DarthTriforce's avatar
Hmm, well to be honest even though I love dragons, sadly... uh I've never really known any of the races because I've mainly read about them in stories not a full depth of information really.. So ah I'm still sort of an armature really ^_^ But if you don't mind I would like to know about the races :3 I mean I know there are different types of dragons such as Wyvern and Serpent.

Ooh but yeah I can see that the moon dragon is interesting though :3
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Hmmm... I have an idea. If I have time I think I will make a little dragon lexikon or something like this^^
DarthTriforce's avatar
Ooh okay good luck with that Gewalgon^^ Even though I have no idea what a dragon lexikon is, excuse me for my newbieness once again xD

Also, do you happen to play a game known as Dragonvale? Because I saw on youtube that some person has a moon dragon on there except it looks quite different to the ones you draw^^.

Dragonvale is a simulation game which has been made by the company Backflip Studios. It's a place were you build a farm to raise your own dragons in it, and there are a lot of different species and you can obtain rare kinds of dragons by breeding the correct ones :3

It's a free game and you don't need to pay for it and it was released back in September 2011.

I wanted to let you know about it since you love dragons yourself.
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No, I don't know the game^^
I took the time to look on YouTube for some videos about the game, but I'm not really interested in.
But thank you for the information/ that you thought of me! ^^

Do you don't know what a lexicon is? A lexicon where are important informations collected about something.
And I want to create one for the dragon races^^ But it will take a lot of time, I can't tell you when I will be finish.
Especially if I create it in English... It's not my motherlanguage, and my english skills are... I think "middle"? ^^;
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oo, so you love dragons eh? so do I^^.

I really think this is such an amazing dragon, I love the cat as well and the background is really beautiful^^
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I think this is a big improvement over the traditional version, and that was already looking great! You put a lot of detail into shading which shows, and also the picture has a much nicer balance of colors so it's more pleasing to the eye as well. I love seeing your improvements in digital! :la:

I also like the phoenix and stonehenge in the background, referencing other drawings in this way makes your art feel connected and more memorable. Keep it up :D
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Thank you very much for your wonderful and detailed comment! :la:
It means a lot to me! :aww:
I will! :D
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