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Leaves divider (left)

Leaves divider free for journal, group and page decoration only on deviantArt made by me! :icongewalgon:

I am mainly a fantasy-traditional artist, so I don't do more of these^^

Terms of Use:

:bulletgreen: ONLY for deviantArt profile, journal, etc. decoration.
:bulletgreen: If you don't use the thumbcode or a link back to this divider, please credit me!
:bulletgreen: I am happy about each fav if you use it :heart:

.:: H O W ~ TO ~ U S E ::.

You can also use the thumbcode to decorate your profile/journal
(and comments, but only Premium Members are allowed to use those codes in their comments):

(little version of the divider)

(Original size of the divider)

.:: P R E V I E W ::.

The Thumbcode:
Leaves divider (left) by Gewalgon Leaves divider (right) by Gewalgon

.:: P I X E L ~ V E R S I O N ::.
Created by CherushiMetsumari
Leaf divider (right) by CherushiMetsumari Leaf divider (left) by CherushiMetsumari

© Copyright by me, Gewalgon - Lira Catana
Please don't take, use, reupload, etc. my work without my wirtten permission. Thank you! ♥

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Beautiful work, using!
Gewalgon's avatar
Golden-Wattle's avatar
(( I hope you don't mind me using this pretty divider on my profile UwU ))
Gewalgon's avatar
No, because you followed the rules^^
Golden-Wattle's avatar
(( okay, thank you~ ^^ ))
crystalsquids's avatar
Leaves divider by Gewalgon
Beautiful divider, used in my custom boxes on my page. Thank you!
Leaves divider by Gewalgon
Gewalgon's avatar
Thank you!
That's okay, glad you like them! :-)
Hikatsuke's avatar
using - this is very pretty <33
Gewalgon's avatar
Glad you like it! :-)
Ivy-Orihara's avatar
Well, I would like to point out something. Because, yeah, No one wants to be embarrassed here Leafes? Sorry if I sound rude but it's spelled leaves.
Gewalgon's avatar
It's not rude, thank you for pointing out. English isn't my mother language, I just didn't now.
I am just wondering - because I submitted it two years ago, and no one said something until today xD
Ivy-Orihara's avatar
Well, I'm a grammar freak so, Yeah xD
ArtySpartyGirl's avatar
Ask-The-Italian-Hero's avatar
(ooc: umm... I used it as the devID for this account.... ^^; is that okay or not? if it's not, just let me know! :aww: i'll gladly take it down if it is. :aww:
edit- i'll credit you of course. i'm redoing the layout and a disclaimer journal-link thingy's in the works. i'll probably do the disclaimer after I finish with the layout.)
Gewalgon's avatar
Where did you use it?
Can't find it.
Ask-The-Italian-Hero's avatar
(ooc: ah- I'm switching them in and out. but just in case, i decided to use your divider anyway, i was planning on using it as the devID. would that go against your rules?)
Gewalgon's avatar
If you credit me on your profile, I don't have problems with that^^
Ask-The-Italian-Hero's avatar
(ooc: Ok. Great! :D I do have a disclaimer page in the works, which I'll place a link to on the page. If I did use it, the credit wouldn't be directly on the page but there will be a page for it.)
LeaveTheKing's avatar
Using :3 following tha rules of curse <3
Gewalgon's avatar
Glad you like it!
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