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Dragon Magic

So, I am finished now with the "Dragon Magic Sketch" you can see here: Dragon Magic sketch by Gewalgon

This picture shows a ritual with three moondragons and a little guardian dragon.
They are collecting all their powers to awake the magic of the dragons for a new life, for a new age, for a new beginning...

I love them so much...

[Drawn with color pencils & pastel chalks]

© Copyright by me, Gewalgon - Bettina Catana
Please don't take, use, reupload, etc. my work without my wirtten permission. Thank you! ♥

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can i make this as a Yugioh card?
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You know, it's very funny that you ask but don't wait for my answer and made a card of it anyway.
But what is even worser that you even didn't credit me. Dragon Magic Ritual
You have to delete it otherwise I am going to report you.
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This is very beautiful and looks so very familiar to me. Thank you for making this and posting :)
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Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it! :-)
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I decided to post the of how I found that orb in my dream. Here is the link----[link]
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That reminds me of a dream I had many years ago. I was in my dragon form and I found a blue orb. So I took it home to my cave/mouton. I put it in to a holder and went to bed. That's when I woke up. (I know if I should tell you what happened before I found the orb.) Now days that same dragon is my favorite thing to draw. Along with that same blue orb.
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That sounds really interesting!
Have you an idea what the orb could be?
TheeDragonNight's avatar
Maybe an water orb but I don't know why it would be in a dream and in the woods of all places. (I have weird and demonic dream. That's all I can say about my dreams.)
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What do you mean with weird and demonic dreams? Do your dream about demons?
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I did have demons in a sense two. But no I don't mean demons. I mean there very dark, gorily, gross, and flat out scary. They are weird. P.S. Have a few written down in my journals. Far warning they are disturbing and just wrong. Also keep in mind that most of my dream I have no control over how it will play out. I can only see, hear and feel. Most of the time I'm just watching or I'm doing something without my control. ~_~ TT^TT
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Maybe nightmares?
TheeDragonNight's avatar
Yes that's all I ever have. I only have nightmares. I never have a good dream. :( D:
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Do you have a dreamcatcher? If it's a good one, it could help you.
The best would be an handmade from an indian!
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Really beautiful. But, can you tell what actually are moon dragons?
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Thank you!
Short important informations about moondragons you can find in the description of the stamp I've made: [link]
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Thank you very much! :3
Do you know that you are the first person I talked with on Deviantart? That is awesome! :D
Oh, yeah, thanks for the moondragon description and stamp. :)
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That's nice to hear/read!
So I have to say: Welcome to deviantArt, I'm glad to meet you!^^
If you have some questions about the functions of deviantArt feel free to ask me! :-)

And no problem, it was my pleasure!^^
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It's beautiful :D
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what power are they practicing?
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Read the description & you will find the answer :-)
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Very beautiful and enchanting
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Thank you very much!
Your comment gives me pleasure! :-)
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schön gemacht :)
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