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Windthrift Yasuo [League of Legends] Pre-release

DISCLAIMER: I love when I see these pics around the net guys, but please link or share from my official Facebook if you're going to use them :)…

Hey Guys!, In celebration of the upcoming release of Yasuo, I've put together this champion skin for your enjoyment :)

Windthrift Yasuo is a tying together of the technological advances of Piltover, with Yasuo's already mastered wind techniques. His charging sheath, tactical armour and lightning cartridges allow him to add an element of electricity to his strikes, increasing his already deadly efficiency. Armour and lightning incorporation developed by the legendary Yordle scientist, Heimerdinger

All comments and critiques are welcome.

as always, feel free to add or follow me on Facebook to keep in contact :)…

All the best!,

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well it'll look like Samuel from metal gear rising for sure.

The splash art looks suggest it's more then just cosmetic, and it's the more expensive skin that tends to change the animation of the champion, additional particles etc.

In that sense, the splash art has to demonstrate more on how the armor (electric/energy based) replace his wind based moves. (seems like he's still using wind based on splash art).

Suggestions : high tech gear do more to sync with his abilities.

for E dash and R ult jump, add back-thrusters
for W for wind wall, energy web deploying
for Q - energy blast to the ground from the sheath, like terry the projectile from SNK.

Your splash art to look awesome, and I would the skin be awesome in-game too.
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This is absolutely beautiful. I do feel if this ever became a skin, it would be called Steel Legion Yasuo, but nevermind that. The attention to detail is just astounding. Amazing contrast with the background as well. Good job Asher. You've done well. But you need to remember, you may be able to outdraw any other artist who draws fanart for League Of Legends, but you can't outdraw THE WIND. Although, I feel the color is very singular with each other. It needs a little more contrast within the skin. But none the less, great job from the brilliant Asher.
Hey mate, would you be intereseted on selling your art? I've loved this Yasuo one and I'd love to use it on my t-shirts shop. Can you message me? Great job mate!
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OMG yes please. please send this to rito! it looks amazing and definitely should be made into a future skin for him! love the work. 
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LOVE THIS. I posted on your Reddit thread. Yasuo is totally my waifu, and more so in this~ GG
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"Pre-release" does that mean this is a work in progress or is going to become a skin?
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I hope this doesn't become a skin. The quality standard is very low, the face is terrible, and the whole concept "metal gear" style would be quite meaningless with Yasuo. 

I don't mean to curse the creator, will all due respect you are a super skilled illustrator, I just say that as a Yasuo fan. I think you probably should work more on this. Remove the dodgy metal gear style, make it more natural. Make a better Samurai than those available currently. Highnoon Yasuo also makes no sense as Yasuo doesn't use bullets.
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I'm sorry but I am going to jump out on a limb here. I understand you are a Yasuo fan but keep in mind that when an artist designs a skin, serious or fanart, it's not supposed to resemble or relate to the original concept down to the very last detail. At a minimum, the characters facial and physical features should still be there but apart from that the artist can go all out. Change the clothing, the hair style, the armour and weapons even if it doesn't make so. 

It may not be to your taste but Gevurah has still done a pretty damn good job. 
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THIS is a great Skin for Yasuo, the Cowboy like i not, but this is great :)
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This is what Yasuo ''could' be like if Riot only gave him a second chance...
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This makes me think of a Pulsefire Skin or Neon Strike skin, it's really cool :D

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hmm, he is too muscular in my opinion, but it's a great idea just.... i feel like it's not finished yet. Maybe you should change something to be more yasuo-style
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well it'll look like Samuel from metal gear rising for sure

^ samuel= Flow  Metal Yasuo.
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pretty cool i can see why this never be ask inbut  its def a nic pic
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would buy for sure, hopefully they will use ur idea :D
WOWWW , BEST SKIN OF THE WORLD , RIOT PLS!!!! (pls lendary/ultimate no ;-;)
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This is absolutely awesome !!! I ove this !
Incredible work, I love the concept of this space skin fits him well :)
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Wanted to extend a greeting and invite you to come submit some artwork to league of legends

We have been colecting artwork from all over the internet and wanted to extend a personal invitation to the Deviant art Community, 

We will always link back to you ( devianrt art or personal website ) so establish ownership. (being an artist myself i understand how important this is) 

Hope to see some of your work 

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The design is great! But the pose of Yasuo does not seem to synergize with the backdrop. The backdrop implies he just slashed through a bunch of enemies but his final pose doesn't seem dynamic as a followthrough to the attack
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This would be an awesome skin for him :3
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You are a badass.  Love this concept......
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