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The Forest Pokemon Showdown

Another of the recent works from Gevurah Studios ;). This was a request piece featuring a few favourite Pokemon of the requester. (personally I'm rooting for Umbreon in this fight, whoa are you rooting for?)

Comments and favorites appreciated :), also any requests feel free to send through, we love making what you can imagine into a reality.

Painted and drawn on CS5, sketched on Asus EEE-slate tablet computer.
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UnluckyArachnoFreak's avatar
Yay, Umbreon :D my fav Pokemon >///< and Suicune <3
Dragnor425's avatar
Suicune against a rapidash and vulpix? I don't think this is a fair - *see's mew* Yep, vulpix team is gonna win.
tapooll's avatar
Can I use this picture in my youtube Thumbnail when i play Pokemon ? i will put your deviantArt in the description!
Gevurah-Studios's avatar
of course you may :)
kiimberrr's avatar
you are correct, this is awesome
Gevurah-Studios's avatar
Hahaha thanks :), but i meant your photos were awesome :D
weazld's avatar
Wartortle because he's like COME AT ME BROS!!
Gevurah-Studios's avatar
HAHA, he does have a little bit of swag about his stance doesn't he ;)
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