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A Gathering of Souls

Hey guys, here is my studios entry into the Diablo III fan art competition. It was impossibly hard to choose which class to represent, so we went with our favourites :).

All comments and critique are welcome as always, feel free to link me to your deviations as well, I'm looking forward to seeing some fantastic art in this competition from everyone!, and good luck to everyone that is participating.

Best Wishes,
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dis is dope man.gud work.
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Don't know enough about Diablo III or art to critique, but I'd say you did a very good job.
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this is fantastic! i love painty style with contours. it looks great, wish you good luck :DDD
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Monk, the weakest class in the middle haha. Great symetry anyways! :D (Big Grin) 
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Incredible piece.

btw I love the name of your company :)
nice done!!!

love diablo.
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Not a fan of Diablo but good work.

Since you requested criticism; The Axe is kind of weirdly shaped (the blade is bent upwards rather than straight forward from the shaft)

And the right arm (her right) of the girl is all kinds of just messed up. It's not correctly foreshortened and so doesn't actually look like a part of her body. There's also something off about her hand (missing finger?)

The fingers, actually the overall hands of the monk are too box-shaped hand. His weapon also looks really unwieldy with that hexagonal shaped shaft (would cause permanent damage to his hands to fight with that ;) )

The masked guy also has a problem with his right arm, seems like the forearm is too short. Right forearm of the barbarian type guy is also too short (might actually be that his upper arm is too big in comparison)

But good work :)
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Wow, this is unreal. Very professional looking. 
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I agree the level of details amazing....
Awesome entry....
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