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Diablo3 - Reaper of Souls Fan Art

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© 2014 - 2021 Geunjoo
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coocoo coocoo coo COOL!
MichaelHojenski's avatar
Excellent piece, feel like i'm holding a controller shoulder button to put my shield up ... just in case. well done sir.
짱 좋아요 ㅠ
Lysiannas's avatar
so impressive! :)
ZDantroy's avatar
Along with this…
You should have reached semi-finals at least!!!!
This is stupid!
JeffKunze's avatar
This is the first time I've seen this piece from the competition. For what it's worth, it's fantastic!
Mirrandel's avatar
nice... great atmosphere and an angle. Also, I like the colours. Really good one!
DominicHautmann's avatar
holy... this is outstanding!!!
DarkerEve's avatar
BHVampire-BH's avatar
Stupid Judges, very very stupid and shitty Judges, your picture is the Fucking Best Man >:V
MitTeam's avatar
Something wrong with The judges ? this picture is so awesome , can not believe it that's not one of the finalists .
Kuzinskiy's avatar
I was sure that you would go to the semifinals
Magra123's avatar
this should be an oficial Diablo 3 RoS art piece!
Liehl's avatar
how the hell this is not one the finalists???
Rahovart5's avatar
My favorite piece by far!

The fact that you are not even in the top 25 shows that the people judging these contests know nothing about art.  What a shame.... 
EsbenLash's avatar
Hey man, you totally deserved to between the semi finalists. 
Just want to say that you won in my head. Your hard work is not for nothing. 
It is a beautiful piece, thank you for making it. 
Kmany's avatar
I think you should have been in the top 25.
Cool pic!
JuliaNemo's avatar
You are the winner for me.
akumaanh's avatar
WHAT,, this is not one of the finalist?? so cool looking though.
Hokunin's avatar
Hey man, I strongly believe you should have been within three prize winners! This pic is my desktop background currently. Awesome work! There are two works that really amazed me in the contest, that is Kuzinsky's barbarian and your crusader. 
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