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Deviation Actions

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:star: About Us :star:

GetWatchers is a group created to, hopefully (as our name says), get you, the artist, more watchers, feedback and exposure for your art.

How does that happen?
When a member wishes to submit a piece, it will be added in the Favorites gallery here as a favorite (by clicking 'Suggest a Favorite +' button) after choosing the folder that it fits in (ex. photos in Photography and so on).
Many people will see your work through daily browsing, thus increasing your audience.  (This is explained in more details below.)

Also, with the GetWatchers "Artworks Viewer" you will have the ability to navigate through others members Artworks and each time you will view a work, you will get some views for your own art in return. The more feedback you provide along the viewing, the more credits you receive. This way, both you and the person you view get more precious feedback.

:bulletwhite:If you have any question's, please read the text below and if you can't find your answer send a "Group Note" Here.

:star: How come it won't let me submit art? I joined as a member but it says I can only suggest a Fav? :star:

Every member CAN submit his/her work in the Favorites Collection folders. Only admins of the group can add selected work in the Featured Gallery. To submit, you click "+Suggest a Fave" and you select your Gallery, then you submit one of your artwork from your gallery and click Submit/Done.

:star: I submitted my Deviation but I'm still not seeing my artwork in your Gallery? :star:

When you submit a work, it will be added in the Favorites Collections >>Here<<. If you still can't find, try to manually re-post in the appropriate Folder and if your deviation is already in the gallery, an error message will appear. Else not, it's will be added, though a few seconds of delay might happen sometimes so you have to refresh the page and you will see it there soon.

:star: Why doesn't the logo/icon of the group show up on my deviations?:star:

When you submit, your artworks are added in the Favorites Collections, and if the GetWatchers Logo is not added it's simply because the logo is not added for art submitted in the "Favorites Collection". The system automatically adds the logo only on the Artworks added by the group admins in the Featured Gallery.

:star: The artist still has the submitted artwork copyrights? :star:

Of course, the same DA rules apply for our group and any DA group.

:star: How Do I Join? :star:
This is very simple: Just click [Join our Group] at the top of our homepage and you’re in! We accept all artists and you don't HAVE to be a member to submit your work, but Welcome~ if you decide to join, glad to have you here!

:star: Regarding Submissions :star:
Due to the exponential growth of this group in such a short span of time, we’ve had to implement a few rules:

Members can submit 2 artworks per day in the Favorites Collection Folders… .

:bulletgreen: Only finished artworks
:bulletgreen: No personal photos (eg.: your brother at Mexico beach, personal room photos etc.;)) - It HAS to be something meant as art.
:bulletgreen: Only high quality work (Please think about resolution, scan quality, etc.)
:bulletgreen: NO Pornographic Content
:bulletgreen: NO Extreme Violence & Horror
:bulletgreen: NO Racism, Hate or Anti-anything!

We’re trying to keep the gallery clean and open for All members of varying Tastes and Ages and we're trying to keep a good average of art quality for our members.

Please add your submissions in the correct category because if you make an error, you will not be able to Move and/or delete. If you really want to remove/move one of your works please send a group note here >>… or post on the folder's comment area. We will move it after you tell us the name of the deviation and where you wanted to submit it correctly.

:star: How Do I Submit ?:star:

1.  You can submit your works here:…
2.  Select whichever folder applies to you and follow the instructions provided.

What if my submission was not added to the Featured Gallery?
Because we receive hundreds of submissions per day, we can only add the deviations selected by group admins to the Featured Gallery.

:star: How Does The Selection Process Work ? :star:
Judges of the group take a look at submitted deviations here and select their choices. Afterward, they send their choices to the voting panel. Other contributors will vote and the artworks with the most positive votes will be added into the Featured Gallery in the Favorites gallery (featured on the front page as well).
From time to time, we select the best of the best in Featured Favorites and send to the Main gallery from where the submission is received in the inboxes of ALL members. We don't do this often to avoid flooding our members but when we submit there, we make sure it's something wonderful for you to view~!

What Happens In The Voting Panel?
There is a voting panel that is made up of the Contributors&Judges of our group.  Each Contributor can give their vote to either approve or decline a submission – "Yes" or "No".  This is based on basic criteria (ie. quality, finished product, etc.) as well as personal taste.  This is because each “Yes” vote works like a positive vote or favorite. If a submission receives a big number of positive votes, it will be directly added to the Favorites Featured Folder… and/or to Featured Gallery. Only a very limited number of masterpiece will be added here, it's a kind of "contest" process.

~Arts/Favorites Collection folders:…
~Featured Favorites folder featured on front page:…
~Main Gallery:…

:star: Regarding Members :star:
Please, follow the submission rules and you’re basically done: Just sit back and let your art audience grow!

:bulletblue: Finally, please, just show Respect to all other members (we’re all fellow artists after all!) and be sure to check out their work too.  Treat others and their art how you and your art want to be treated!

How Do I Apply To Become A Contributor?
If you would like to help & promote yourself from Member status to Contributor, you can send a group note here - Here

:star: How Do I Leave The Group? :star:
When you visit the homepage there should be a box at the top left with your avatar in it. Click it and you should have three choices, and one should be to leave the group. After, you can remove GetWatchers from your Watcher list

If you have any further questions, please feel free to send a Group Note… and we'll be happy to try and answer them as best as we can! :)
© 2009 - 2021 GetWatchers
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Jacqueline-Victoria's avatar
I wanted to know if artistic nudes are ok? It says no pornographic content but I am not sure if you guys meant no pinup poses either
WhoopySnoopy's avatar
Getwatchers does nos answer any questionstickets. Some of my questions are more than two years old and not answered. I don't know why.
Madscotink's avatar
GetWatchers states I am receiving new comments, but I do not see them on my page.  Suggestions?
TheVelvetAsh's avatar
How do I delete my Getwatch app account? I decided to do it the old fashioned way, so I want to remove my art from the app and get rid of the account.
AngelX1992's avatar
How do I view votes lower than 6 on my art submissions ? I have at least 4 I can't see ?
AngelX1992's avatar
Never mind. That little *explanation just showed up.
280575's avatar
How can I say "thanks" to people voting on my artwork ?
WorldWar-Tori's avatar
Is there anyway I can turn views off for a while? Or slow down their distribution?
Nekokorochii's avatar
Hey I have a question. On the get-watchers website, in the feedback section, it says I'm getting lots of messages. Why aren't they appearing on my deviantart page then?
Nekokorochii's avatar
Nevermind I figured it out ^^;
maniacrazor's avatar
How?! I really need to know.. the same things happening to me :D
Nekokorochii's avatar
Ehh, well I'm still a bit confused by it. But It seems to me like those that are showing are messages from other people going to someone else. Basically, it's showing everybody who is online at that moment. The messages that are going to you appear in your inbox ^^
Machinezeit's avatar
Why can't I see my comments on my art work ? 
TokiSeraph's avatar
Is line art considered "finished work" or does it have to be colored?
Annyaonweb's avatar
it's not really finished work but you can submit it to the traditional or misc folders without problems :)
srecna's avatar
How do I delete my artwork from group? I added it by accident.
Annyaonweb's avatar
messaging us and we do it for you :) already done
RaidaAlam's avatar
RaidaAlam's avatar
my members say that it won't let them submit art- how do i fix that?
Annyaonweb's avatar
in your own group, you mean? or can't submit here?
Alice319's avatar
How do you submit to the folder?
Annyaonweb's avatar
After you go to the Favorites gallery, scroll down to the Folder you wish to submit to and click on the 'Suggest a favorite' button next to the folder's title. Select your work from your gallery and click Submit/Done.
Alice319's avatar
Thank you and what about to submit to the photography folder instead of the favorites?
Annyaonweb's avatar
We have a Photography folder in Favorites to which you can submit. The only deviations featured in the main gallery are selected through a detailed process done by group staff, selected from the Favorites gallery submissions.
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