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Hello fellow deviants,

The issue that members are starting to see when trying to make a new account has returned. This is because of an update to dA's website. It prevents new accounts from being made. The GetWatchers app is totally dependant on dA so when there is a small update, sometimes it throws the app completely off. I apologize that there is nothing else we can do for you. The devs have been made aware of the problem. In its stead, events will be made to compensate for the app's problems for those who wanted to use it. These events will be totally dependant on what you, the members, would like to see, however. In the coming few days, a poll will be released for members to vote on that will better hold a discussion on what you all would like to see now and in the future. Again, I apologize that you all have been inconvenienced by this issue.

Warm regards,

P.S. If there is any other issues plaguing you other than this new account one, please do not hesitate to tell us.

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Cheshire-Maddie's avatar

I cant find the app anymore

TheMightySephiroth's avatar

Same. Did they remove it entirely?

Lillendandie's avatar

Any plans for someone to take a look at this? Maybe there's a fix?

Blackmonochrome's avatar
i left dA long ago but came back now, to see this :(
but it has been 2 years that this is offline ?
Will it ever come back or is it gone forever ? this is a real bummer
brockengespenst's avatar
When I go on GetWatchers and try to see images, it replaces entire frame with image and everything with image of dA logo and a link saying "Go to" and links to original dA page.
MorganMartini's avatar
I have the same problem!
Jason244555's avatar
Well I think I have no choice but to leave this site.  It doesn't look to me like the admin/owners have any interest in fixing it.  
TheMightySephiroth's avatar

It's only gotten worse with F-F-F-FORCED ECLIPSE!!!!!!11117!!

red-12am's avatar
Still not working :(
Lillendandie's avatar
Can someone manually make me an account? I would like to join.
WhoopySnoopy's avatar
Why don't you put the whole website of offline? There is no owner of this site who cares about the members. They are rude. Even here you have a active link to this not-working website I have unanswered questions from 3 years ago. I was a paying customer. 
TreeofLife911's avatar
How am I supposed to submit my literature in this group now?
Kvissa's avatar
I guess no one will fix the app? It's a shame I was unable to use it.
FanasY's avatar
It doesn't work yet...
Pyangsi's avatar
Guess it's still not fixed? I figured it would be since the message isn't on the homepage of the group but it's still not working. >.< Ohwell
Starofnights's avatar
Darn! I wanted to use the app.
Hiiragi-san's avatar
Hello! I've been member of this group for over seven years now. I used to use the app a lot, but sort of forgot about it for a while now. Recently, I tried to get back into using the app again. I read about the errors in creating new accounts, but I have encountered something different. Whenever I go to use the viewer, the art or profile that I should be seeing is quickly replaced with a green screen, a small dA logo in the upper left corner, with a link to dA underneath (Here is a screenshot of what I'm seeing: GW viewer error by Miss-It-Girl ) I have searched the comments and journals, but cannot find anyone else mentioning this sort of problem.  I have tried using the app in three different browsers (I even tried it on my phone.) I have adjusted Adblocker and other browser security options. No change. I'm curious if this is a known issue, or if it's just unfortunately me ^^; I just bought a VIP package. I'd be really disappointed if no one could actually view my profile because they're getting the same blank green screen that I am :paranoid:

Thank you for your time :)
animelover5ful's avatar
same happens to me when I try to use it but I considered since the app doesn't work properly anymore that appearing isn't a surprise anymore 
Val-Aishlym's avatar
Hello Miss-It-Girl,

No one has personally reported this issue but I will look into it and get back to you ASAP. I apologize that you have been inconvenienced by this.

Warm regards,
KeekaTiger's avatar
seems like this is still not fixed..?
animelover5ful's avatar
getting this too 
Kathryb's avatar
I'm getting this too
DEA63's avatar
I also face this problem.
aciampal's avatar
Same problem here, it seems related to the switch of DA to https, the link on the upper left corner is a redirect link.
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