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I love you most

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 10, 2019, 10:57 AM


I Dreamt I Could Fly by escume

Mountains (Dream) by Irbisty

Dream of Flying by vantid

Dreamy Freedom by Azot2019

Dreaming of You... by Wolfie-chama

Sweater weather II YCH (2) by UszatyArbuz

Thanks to everyone joining Watch4watch llama4llama fave4fave comment4comment! is the final feature!

Sweet Dreams by ScarletAlpha On the Comp by TooM4ny0cs
The Warmth of Winter Magic by Gilthorpe
Mermaid by Gyuufun The Galaxy in a cup by SunlightMetal
Little girl. by Carlos1909 Blue D Is Best D: You Cant Change My Mind! by LilMissPunchingBag [Blue Pearl] Steven Universe by liiradelt
Galaxy and Planet by Shazean583 Dreamcatcher by Sasplayer
Mary in a Messy Bun by ViataMinunata Zakariah by Samayl-v
Open Sea by cindywoo
Castiel by AkulaShuvelleXmas camel by DemonicAngelArt
New Zealand 'Dreamtime Painting' by Rebbaroll Galaxy Girl by wildflower1702 The Lab- Christmas Party by Kallista-DW
VLD Selfie by DragonAnalei
Kara by Moliin Jules's Patronum by krstblue
Gift: JuviaCubes by Rosexiao
Senshi Stock Group Pose Challenge - by Sorianumera
Banner #1 by DarleneSteward
Owl - Commission by 1Enary1 Restored by LexidusWonder Woman by bysilvaart
Prompto's Chocobo by CassowaryRoom Ciel-Hubris AU [ASKS OPEN] by LadyRWidow Warm Winds by ArthurHenri
[Reward] Mythra by Teranen by DeviErwinFinished by MilssaA Glassy Sky... by Shadowstrife12
Inktober15-LastGoodbye by The-TinidrilKoi Fish (bad photo) by XxkickmewhenimdownxXSet: sleepwalkers - Ognezar by Ray-Kirrah
Heartache by heyroine
Inktober Day 16 by mreffinsunshineRihanna - Anti by AndyVRenditionsBubbles [Commish] by CyndalCreatesMerry Christmas Dad by CrowningRoses
COMM: Hoshiko by Shinda-Shikai Sam Winchester by xnnw
Aquaman (2018) by LAN0RA This has to be the one by TheSaladCram
Steampunk Robogirl by Don-de-chocolate Enigmarella: Faust Gherrling. by Tanzanight Ironwoman Color pencil by Latchunga
Nutellhug by StygmaC H E E P by inkinjotaCorazon by TheGalleryOfEve
Request - Leon by KelpiekornI Will Steal Your Heart - Bonus 2 by Gwenae

true detective Rust cole by shaoran100 Bittersweet Melody by moccabun
Redesign Romeo x Juliet OC by KShadow992Magic bird by Cranash64Lilith - Contest entry by BeeTatyana
ToraDora color by Liss-ka
Sea Witch by FloatySkye
Juli by Ganibhal'Man in A Bowler Hat' in Watercolour by amanda4quah

Janco by Aya-Lunar Mechapuff by Andosh

Thanks to everyone joining Watch4watch llama4llama fave4fave comment4comment! is the third feature!

Elsa Ice by RoseSparrow Bella Luna by hafzicalart
244 by Aura-2
Winter Tale by YarBrenor
crocus - spring is not coming by CeaSanddorn Couple solitaire by Mavricot
Roses of Winter by gigi50
Winter Tree by Jack-the-Shinigami Ostriches by AdaEtahCinatas
Time travel by GeorgeXVII
Frodo by ArlenFramLooking at you by BeckyKidus
Terran Planet 007: Two Moons by Planetrix
Shine A Light by N7-Rosethe Darkness slayer by 7AnonYmouS
kAnDi by XDElisabeth69Rachel by ThreeDeeArt
Christmas present for my Dad by YunaKozue
Ancient Sphinxes, Heed My Call by HaltabSDLoading 2 by APMowlCONNOR [Detroit: Become Human] by JadeLikeJay
One butterfly doesn't make a summer by Cyanida
Yellow Rose by HaveFaithHopeLoveArtBetween numbers and words. by CamilaKLSoft Honey Holiday Cookies by Kitteh-Pawz
Jazz frogs by GreenhorngalGOYTE TRIBUTE by Phoenaxis
Oh Hai~ by KizunaYui-StudiosChristmas Cat by Mistystar7Goosema by Diazex
Hey.. It's Rudolph by natureguy
Crowned Crane bird 1 by Maria-Schreuders
Beauty of Flowers - Alaska by PhiliziusRing-tailed Lemur - Lemur Catta by Yuukon
Shadow Play by Mana-C-E
V-Quarium by KpecT18 Photo 820 by Darkyscorpion7
Nature nearby Sliedrecht by Monique-Lestrange Sheer Power by RebeccaM-Art
Beach study by arenirart
Summer by pin100 Orange Splash by Nightxlash
Lucky by shadowsirenmoon
The Closeness We Share by Doll-Ladi Pretty Boys by robert-kim-karen
Buffy the Fluffy Puppy by DreamingDaysAway Four little stars by 08benji
Always, from the heart... by MEP4Photography Have a Mouse? by Yellows-Arts
Merry Christmas 2018! by DelusionalPuffball Little great pianist by Saaraa96
Magellen and Little Foot by JanusMouse Octo Sisters by MilkyyMango
Kadaj Pinup by IllyDragonfly Origami sheppard dog by GraphicsWolf
Flat on his back by dinoloverXX Don't go. by Gienah95
Lemmy Kilmister by TehNersSexy Robot by taghusoSCORPION MECH WHITE by WXKO
The Legend of Nyeleti - Page 16 by NyeletIste
Jessica Jones Funko Pop by LautaroVincon Misc #4 by lambotron
can it be spring again ? by fillouu

Sisters by pitmonton Flamenco Dancer by CpointSpoint

Thanks to everyone joining Watch4watch llama4llama fave4fave comment4comment! comes the second feature!
Dream and Hope by iels Transmutation by MCAshe
Finally together by ArcacaT
The Snow Queen by LadyLer 30-Day Challenge: Lapis Lazuli by Avriia
Before the Sun Sleeps by LegionEllen
Star Angel by KingaQwerty Infinity Easter by ChinoRocker
when Heaven falls for the Earth... by 7anbuKakashi Mazey [Art Trade]  by Adam-Hu
Coloured - Dessertie | Hot Chocolate Lineart by Lil-Lewlew Christmas Toy Store by Norski
Maltese Dog Portrait by GiraffeMeow[SS] Emilia by AquariusBattMystic the Floatzel by AeroKM
Light Beyond The Screen by Diksharpner
r . e . m by cxsmlcz Candy Comet by SpaceOreos
Yuru Camp 01 by Rhan-2
For My Pussycat X-stitch by jenninn Violin High Tops by amanda4quah
Deviantart's 17th birthday with tiger by Sorianumera Facing Counterparties (Commission) by LacrimareObscura
Collab-Elsa by CherryCandyCrimson Issida by Miriel3
On the corner of the Third world by guodaaiko ATC: Serene Moonlight by SpiritedLittlePony
She cried oceans by scntlss F O R E S T by lZivewl
Flower Head by marylobsSwan Lake by PrettyAlice95Waiting by Rica-Sensei
Pocahontas by Avvangarda
Untitled  horse by vlesslie Wanda Maximoff by esmeedamen
You are my light by Binouchetruc Requested Logo Process by PixieGroveStudios
Christmas drawing by BeLightning Waiting for mail!! XD by akilight
TreadontheGround by WinZerkBlackHorn
S T U D I E S by inkinjota
Woolie by AntiLucky Swagantula by Celebi734 Lauren by gun-freak
SWM: Basic Anatomy [Week 1] by popolis Monstober: Yuki-Onna by YERDUAObservation drawing by LeoSomnium
Domestic Dietrich by WeARGamesSandy by UltimateCluckinbellDewgong by TheJewelOfIsis
Take my hand - Willow by Cupric Winter Morning by JingTingWei Fan Art - Angelo by AdrianeCasini
Winter Fae by kphoenixartLove Live YOU Idolized Angel by XDElisabeth69
Star Dancer by StainedGlassLightHea
.: CE: Song from A Secret Garden :. by CottonCandyHurricane
lady wolf by FutrassDTE Cutie Pie by UndeadFae
Leonora Butterfly [Sketches] by alejo918 Keychain time? by Pure-Magosh
Comission by rippleNsplash[CMS] Yeby by JKEIII[AT] Bearysukie by Kawarumi
Waiting for Summer by treesareredinautumn
[Fan Art] Chibi Mega Scizor by Blizzard-WhiteLets-a-go! by Endyran
[Old] November Glaceon by LovelySpiceBaby Deadre by Rose-HunterGift for BloomDoom by creampoff
Myself in Mega Anime Avatar Creator by MadamFrost Drawcember Day 18 - Baking by I-Am-Dream
Donuts are the best! by MisterMAS Request for MatthewandKatlayn by HeiwaMegami Leave it to Su! by xmercury-angelx
Staring Contest [Collaboration with CherishArt] by MapleKemon
Afternoon by Cryonisia
Moonlighthawk's Gastropod - Coloured by Anisa-MazakiFlying microcebus by LauraMegara
[Speedpaint]_PORTRAIT001 by HanDinh160212 [Fanart] Kaede-PandaGirl by NastA55
Iron Man (Marvel Earth-61619) by LoganWaynee

Thanks to everyone joining Watch4watch llama4llama fave4fave comment4comment! comes the first feature!

Entropy by thecamat Nightshift by Papaya-Whip
Snowy Night by Woulvun Zero Suit Profile by asaragi

  ..:.:: Studying Bun by Hebigami-Okami-77Roanapur Connection by Blackmambauk Sae by creampoff
Poor Candy-Cream Llama by YamaJun-Fan98Pink Ranger Request by Thousandknight by PinkRangerPowerFluffy slippers are fluffy by Roy-GonzalezThey Wanted To See The Flowers by kirmalight
Inktober 6 by MagusFerox Garderobe (lineart)- UPDATED by meanpersonaartGerard by vivaelpato
Yuuko Ichihara (xxxHOLiC) by SelflessDevotions Commission - Belladonna-gardenia (2) by darc-rose
Moon Bear by SophiaEowyn        Bear Gets Claws from Forest Spirit by TeroPorthan
Deep Space 7 by seence-art Block out Reality  by FloatySkye Elysium - Supernova by silif-art
Gamma Ray by alejo918 About a book by YokaMycelium

Anthrothia by GriffoxEnt  Just Remember... by ZZSNAZZY[AT] Living so Merrily by KamiSulit
Photo Study 3 by katrimav Steampunk Guitarist(Monsterologue project) by AnthrokimCommissions [2/2] by DeaN1004
Then morning finally came by Kirastes Ancient of Days, Artist of Artists by GodsDemonsMen
| | | I Remember You | | | by AngelJasielToxic thoughts of a tired artist by RoseRelatedPainted Lady by PinkRangerPower
Cool Grovyle (adopt payment) by KeenQueenwarmth in the cold by Alex-kellarRivers by Panda-Paradise
In relation to Zero by 02321  Puff drawings - Mascot by Kia350-90812
Spirit of the Sea by AdeHughesArt The Vortex of Light by DragonicBladex
Math Class With Proffesor by SpencerSandlinApostrophe by Koyuki01
 Council of Elrond by Snow-Monster OC Snow Battle by TomoeOtohime
Cutesy Night 2 by Sweet-Chib
Felicia by ImiximagoStreeeeeeetch~ :3 by MidnightTiger8140

Frostfur And Her Kits by LynnTheNerdKittyOC-tober, Animal: Emmy by ArtCharms
The Cutest of Them All by KittySib The Yuggoth (planet) by Yan-Doroshev Manikin Selfie by The-Albino-Axolotl
Monarch taking a break by professorwagstaff Yawn by Serial-Painter Taylor the Rabbit by adampanak
The Look by rainylake christmas budgie by InsanityPants Llama by Lisa22882
 Art Trades and Collaborations by Gequibren Hearts by poserfan

Wishing you all a good New Year!

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