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DA Celebrations going on

Wed Aug 7, 2019, 12:40 PM
DeviantArt's 19th Birthday Events!
Events that you can still participate in and win prizes!
Core and Points!

A birthday cake challenge by phoenixleo 
Deadline: August 28th
Prize: 1st place: 1 year Core Membership or the equivalent in Points (for digital and traditional)
2nd place: 3 month Core Membership or the equivalent in Points (for digital and traditional)
3rd place: 1 month Core Membership or equivalent in Points (for digital and traditional)

Nailed It! 19th Birthday Edition
Rec-reate DA's mascot Fella with any material of choice!
Prize: Best Replica wins 5000 Points
3 random winners get 1000 Points each
Deadline: Friday, August 30th, 2019

Official DeviantArt 19th Birthday Card Contest
Create a Birthday Card for DeviantArt's 19th Birthday Contest!
1st place: 1 year Core Membership or equivalent in Points
2nd place: 3 month Core Membership or equivalent in Points
3rd place: 1 month Core Membership or equivalent in Points
Deadline: August 28th, 2019

Come join us! :la:

Skin by huina

Celebrating Motherly Love! - Tandem Vol. 4

Journal Entry: Thu May 9, 2019, 12:11 AM

This is a repost. Please click on the images above and bellow in order to participate!

Plant a tree for you and me

Thu May 2, 2019, 4:04 AM

Summary - document in works
Hi everyone! Bouncing Kieke 

A couple of days ago some of you received a rather unusual note from me. :ashamed:
At first I thought I might be crazy and I should not do it, but I still went for it :flirty:
On the list - people I like, some of them dear friends. :aww:
Tangerine Tree 
After sending a wave of notes, the feedback completely overwhelmed me
- I did not really know what to expect...
I sent the notes with a joyful feeling, full of hope,
and I got back very heartwarming answers, which moved me to tears...
Another beautiful moment which shows me how special our community here is...
Heart Tree 

I wish I would have sent more notes for some of you that I did not manage to reach out to,
but the amount of feedback took a lot of time, and I did not manage to get around for it.
If you see this journal and you like the idea, please consider it like a personal note to you.

 Flower Heart 

While my motivation is something which I prefer to keep one on one,
several friends suggested we should maybe have like an open community event.
Get Together 

I am not sure how,
but maybe you would enjoy looking around at others who liked the idea to plant something,
for somebody
somewhere, no matter how far,
a family member,
or a friend,
virtual or irl.
An act which benefits all of us around the world!

Cuddles: Apple Tree

Did you know that our watercooker makes a strong impact on our environment?

Spit Laugh

yep, stronger than you would guess...!

If every watercooker counts,
every plant also does!

in a pot on the window bench,
on a balcony or on a terrace;
in a garden,
or in the nature out there
(where it is allowed to plant)


Every single plant
BIG or small!
little plant emoji 2

Here is a summary of what we have planned together in the last days:

Smile - Flower

Number of trees/bushes planted and prepared to be planted

29.04   |  1.05  |   2.05   |    9.05    |   24.05   | 30.05
  33       |    43    |    53     |   63++   |   85++   |  94++

:earth: Countries:


Awesome awesome people :iconflyingheartsplz: who'd like to plant something

Ok Lime tick  = done

                             - Saffrons/pot Ok Lime tick
cosmicbound  - 2 Yuccas
gigi50 - saved a baby Poplar in a better spot  Ok Lime tick
inspired us to plant through websites
allison731 -
BloodyWing -
dS1GN - One Tree Planted  through online platformsOk Lime tick
         - 7 siddlings planted directly in the woods  Ok Lime tick
Andorada - Linden Tree Ok Lime tick 
                                                - Cherry Tree (for Cristina, Laura's Mom, and for her Dad)
                  - Willow Tree  Ok Lime tick
Felizias - Lemon Balm
(maybe 1 or two more coming)
Ganjamira - PumpkinsPumpkin LA Icon 

jennystokes - Acacia  Ok Lime tick
                        - Willow Ok Lime tick 
Mouselemur - Lilac
IllyDragonfly - Camelia/pot Ok Lime tick
st2wok -
rosaarvensis - Linden Tree Ok Lime tick 
UszatyArbuz - Blueberry Bush
                            - Hydrangea Bush
                                                    - later maybe also a lemon tree
Puerto Rico
2 Bean Trees Ok Lime tick
VasiDragos -
Tailgun2009 -
Cranash64 - a Callisia fragrans in a pot Ok Lime tick
Book-Nose - Avocado Tree
Shirokibo - - 2 trees planted in US Ok Lime tick
GeorgeXVII - 1 bonsai “Zanthoxylum piperitum” Ok Lime tick
AmBr0 - Vineyards Ok Lime tick
RavenMontoya - Cherry Tree
Zolfyer -
Lora-Vysotskaya - Rasberry Bushes
United Kingdom
LawrenceCornellPhoto - Dwarf Apple Tree
United States
Mana-C-E -
IamFailiusBLUscout  -
Scooby777 - Ornamental Cherry Tree
    Queen-Kitty - a Lemon/Lime grafted Tree Ok Lime tick
       - a Kumquat Tree Ok Lime tick
LUCILALEYLA - Magnolia  Ok Lime tick
davincipoppalag - A Rose Bush Ok Lime tick
awesome43 - Tomato garden Ok Lime tick
Shadowhawk9973 - 1 Turkish Fig tree  Ok Lime tick
                                                 - 2 semi-dwarf Cherry trees  Ok Lime tick
TommyGK - orange Lillies and violet flowers Ok Lime tick
Not specified
                   - 13 offline contacts
1 Fig Tree Ok Lime tick
2 Plum Trees Ok Lime tick
2 Pear Trees Ok Lime tick
1 Cherry Tree Ok Lime tick
1 Apple Tree  Ok Lime tick
1 Apricot Tree Ok Lime tick
1 Almond Tree Ok Lime tick

Thank you so much for your interesting feedback:iconflyingheartsplz::
Groot Dancing

Maybe you'd like to see some of the trees planted by AmBr0 - how much life is around them!

and he also sent me this motivating informative video

Ola UszatyArbuz also mentioned this browser

which promisses to plant trees for every search you make.

MEPArtz is sharing with us this:

one could also support the trees in the Central Park in New York

while honoring someone at the same time

Plant a tree... by MEPArtz

Features dedicated to this:

Plant a tree for you and me#plantatreeforyouandme

:wave: Hello dear friends, a few days ago I received a beautiful note from my friend :iconandorada: 
In her note she told me that her mother loved plants and asked me if I could plant something for her.
I thought the idea was spectacular! Of course I accepted immediately, it seems to me an act of love
so beautiful, so noble, it is a very beautiful gesture 
+|F2U|+ Autumn Tree  Planting a tree is a great thing, to see it grow, to take care of it, to see its flowers,
its leaves, its fruits ... if you plant a tree I know that it will fill your soul with very beautiful feelings, I will also: D
The idea is easy: plant a tree in memory of our loved ones or just for others
and give all our love and care, is

An Orchards Dream II by SvenMueller Through The Seasons Change by SvenMueller
Northumberland Tree 5 by newcastlemale Lone Tree in a Field of Wildflowers by jackchanheikit

Treefellas by jonathanjessup Paysage Hivernal du Nord Vaudois by LePtitSuisse1912
Some Kind of Wonderful by JonnyGoodboy High Plains Drifter by JonnyGoodboy
Fog 19 by mugurelm Mountain forest 4 by mugurelm
Reime Faucht Der Maerchensarg by indeepsilence Anaga by mARTinimal
the tree by spako Autumn tree by streamweb

Tree of Lite by Miguel-Santos Tree in the evening by bluesgrass
tree by judy-y morning tree, remix 2 by calsixty
Tree of fire by mjagiellicz tree by alexandrdeviant
tree in the magical light. by LunaFeles Romantic morning sun by MT-Photografien

Selina sesam-is-open is inviting everyone to join her as well :la:
Plant A Tree For You And MeHello to all my dear friends, at this start of hoping a beautiful Summer to all of us! 
Not a long time ago I received a very beautiful letter from my dear friend Andorada  
:iconandorada: and I read her diary with pleasure.  
I found it there such a beautiful idea  and it seems to me wonderful to try to plant a tree or a flower for someone you love.
All of us love someone who maybe is not longer with us or somebody who maybe is very far away ...
When I  say this,  I also think about the strong friendships that have been created in this wonderful space called dA. I know that many of us would like to meet in real life and give a real hug to each other with  love, but most of the time this is not possible and then this idea of Andorra is really special.:heart:
We always dedicate each other beautiful pictures and words, what if we will try to plant a little life in a

Previously planted

Img 20190502 130407 by Felizias Img 20190417 192955342 by Mouselemur
Garden by VasiDragos
Plant a tree for you and me by MEPArtz
grow, little one by Oussika The Citrus Bros by moondustowl
Untitled by GanjamiraRespect for life............Andorada's project. by jennystokes
My garden roses by Ellysiumn

Here you can see some which are planted for this occasion! :clap:

Andorada planted in Germany
a 3 years old Linden

And A Cherry Tree is coming for lauraypablo

Marlena rosaarvensis planted in Poland
a Linden Baby ^-^
Linden baby by rosaarvensis

Queen-Kitty planted in United States 2 babies, a grafted Lemon/Lime Tree :la: and a Kumquat Tree :la:
Photo Apr 27, 3 38 17 PM by Queen-Kitty Photo Apr 28, 5 46 43 PM by Queen-Kitty

In Canada SinistrosePhosphate got this little baby Camelia! :la:
Img 20190505 091157 by SinistrosePhosphate

And davincipoppalag planted a Rose Bush in US :la:
Rosebush planted by davincipoppalag

While dS1GN planted 7 founded sprouts like this,
replacing some fallen trees in a forest in Germany!
Sproud by dS1GN
and also planted through an online service:
Tree-certificate by dS1GN
Cranash64 planted in Russia a Callisia fragrans
Img 20190525 205307 by Cranash64

While GeorgeXVII planted in Spain this delicious bonsai “Zanthoxylum piperitum”
A3e3df02-b16e-4cd2-b57b-0578fa2942fb by GeorgeXVII
Are you also as hungry as I am? :D :hungry:

Thank you soooo so much! :blowkiss::blowkiss::blowkiss:

Sweetheart  If you want to share the trees/bushes/flowers you already planted, please do so! :la:
in the comments section here or/and in the forum…

Sweetheart And if you want to plant something for somebody you appreciate/love,

I can tell you that it is a beautiful, lovely feeling :aww: :iconflyingheartsplz:

Sweetheart Do you know how to plant and nurture plants/trees?

  help out the newbies, with advices and tutorials!:teach:

Sweetheart  If you want to participate and creating art is easier,

we'd definitely love to see it! :painter: 

 we can find each other by we using tags like these

Earth Day - T13

Sun Apr 21, 2019, 2:06 PM

Lilac - VII by AlexEdg
.Seeing Heaven. by beorange between... by impatienss
My love by dangerous-glow
Macro Insects 1 by Okavanga 
.::Think Pink::. by zaranix Just Like Magic by alexgphoto
Red Light Means Go! by goRillA-iNK :: Pink ':: by Liek
Earth Musings by Inebriantia

History of Love by Consuelo-Parra Sommer 2011 by Bildmalerin

Lounging by Oer-Wout Jumping Spider by BenjaminPuppel
Heir to the Throne by vamosver Above it all by IndigoSummerr
Above by Leucareth
Move...i am coming by Aderet Illumination by MarsiaMS
Summer memories by aussiefoto Giraffe - African Wildlife - Out of the Dust by LivingWild
Dancing in the Rain by alexgphoto the birds by Nopel-Opzan
Colors of happiness by DragonflyAndromeda
       Dew 5 by Smederevac

Le chant de Gaia - Gaia's Song by BlueFaedou
Landscape by vinigal123  The Sparrow by LindArtz
Tentacles by SheilaMB-Photography take you on the way which leads to the light by IreneHorvath
Meditation by TammyPhotography Mutt n Jeff by relhom
Jewels of Nature by Betuwefotograaf
Dews 2 by pagit Copper Drops by ian-roberts
MOSSCAPE by MarcosRodriguez Luna Face by Enkphoto 

Kissed by Light by Oer-Wout
Spiders Universe by Questavia Amber by Oer-Wout
Refracted Waterlily by MastersImagingPhotos Sunshine in a Drop by thrumyeye Enallagma civile - Familiar Bluet by ColinHuttonPhoto
Stripes. by OliviaMichalski Beauty of nature by batchdenon
The beauty of nature. by VisualArtist-Jorn
Maturity by vamosver
wild. by sakimichan
The color of nature by Zx20
 Starstation Earth by werol 

Mother EarthThe arc of her spine
mimicked the gentle slopes of
the distant mountains.
   Beautiful WorldBorn free here on earth:
Huge herds in the world.
Wild and free - so live animals
In Gaia, Mother Earth.
Huge forests once on earth
Until the man was born.
Nature so green. Grazing on glade
Is a deer quite shy but close.
Rain over dry countries.
I see the awakening of nature.
Rainbow makes me dream
Peacefully after a hot dry night.
Fog over high mountains,
Waterfall – force of nature,
Silence … just a bird chirping
When the morning is awake.
Sun standing high in the sky
But when the night will soon be dark:
Dark blue is the sky then -
Red sunset.
I see the world with different eyes
As long as it still exists.
Because I am just a part of life
In a dying world untouched.
   LifeLife is the wind blowing through the trees,
Life is the sound of the buzzing bees,
Life is the smell of a summer day,
Life is amazing in every way.
Life is all there is to know,
Life is what makes flowers grow,
Life is important so don't forget,
Life is great so don't regret.

Melancolia by SheilaMB-Photography

Happy otter by DeeOtter Morning in the swamp by Finnyanne

Water by UnreCogniZed

Chute du Diable Waterfall IV by boldfrontiers Canning Falls Lower 2 by Zoomer1958

Romania by LucianaBaboianu nature HDR by mark1960 
Wastwater by newcastlemale 
Water sparks by Andorada 
FAMILY by SAMLIM We have lift off! by ColinHuttonPhoto
Bubbly by Twitchan Drops (4K Wallpaper - 640 pts) by Unkopierbar
 Elis 03 by TaliNatPhotography
Nature's Tear by sourcow Mother Nature's Kiss by JeanFan Tree Light by sakimichan
Nature Spirit by Astranat Ode a la Nature by Sweet-Nature
Happiness by Hestefotograf Mayflowers and Chipmunk DT6 7600-1-2 by detphoto
This morning its looks like a fairytale in Holland by Betuwefotograaf

Weeping WillowI feel the warmth of a summer day –
The sky so wonderful in blue,
The grass in saturated green.
Step by step
I come to meet you.
Along the way
So many thoughts,
So many words in my head.
The stony way becomes shorter
And I see you approaching.
To my left
The blue lake in which you are reflected.
I arrive!
I touch your leaves.
Weeping willow... Oh, weeping willow ... do you feel me?
Do you feel the scars burning me?
Please remove it!
I thank you!
Weeping willow... Oh, weeping willow... do you see me?
Do you see my silent tears?
Please take them away!
I thank you!
Weeping willow... Oh, weeping willow... do you understand me?
Do you recognize my courage?
Please support me!
I thank you!
You stand at the lake,
So quiet and calm –
For me it is a place so peaceful and wise.
You seem to be full of sorrow,
But this picture is an illusion.
Weeping willow... Oh, weeping willow...
You are my hold.
With you it never gets cold
In this world.
Your foliage hangs down sadly,
But it serves a
Speaking for the treesFrom the tree tops
I can see it all so clearly
The ripples fading further
a tip-toe and a stolen kiss
Outside the hive where we have wandered.
Speaking for the trees,
We stand taller now than ever before
Not to see the writing,
but to hear the whispers
behind closed doors.
I reached...
and touched what I thought was the sun
and noticed it was just beyond my fingertips
but my tiny hand is warmed
by two lips
and that became more important to me
than any sun could be.
Speaking for the trees
Some have made their homes in me
climbed inside my head
behind my eyes
opened the door to my soul
He said he saw a sunset burning through the canopy
of endless time
Hanging like leaves
having held on through a strong wind
Lonicerahoneyed aroma-
trumpets suckled by hummers
draw summer nearer
cascading, intertwining
weaving closed the gap from spring
Tending the WeedsI used to let you
tend my garden,
but you've never been good
at telling the roses
apart from the weeds.

MY HEART'S IN THE HIGHLANDS by BadusevProwler by Stygma
Undisturbed Stream by RogueMudblood
Blooming World by Malintra-Shadowmoon

touched by nature by MarvinDiehl finding middle earth by zeroskyy

Water by kult-lemon
Snow by Zolfyer Snow Leopard by KrisVlad
the wave by marrgit Light Drops by vamosver
Beaded tree by UszatyArbuz
Spiders 8 by Okavanga Butterfly Effect by Stridsberg
Little diamond. by OliviaMichalski fish jump by Apofiss
Colorful Drops 15 by flowerhippie22
Drip by endprocess83 
Parallel Lives by SheilaMB-Photography
Finger Art: Earth Day by Cathy86

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Enjoy Earth Day, April 22nd

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