Hey guys!

Now we will give you the list of those offering features and those giving feedback. Please, remember to not spam them, just ask if they're willing to give feedback and they will choose those who they give it to. The same goes for features.
Do not be upset if you don't get picked, those wonderful giving people have a life too, limited time and are doing it just out of kindness and fun.

Also, for contest holders, please, feel free to leave an advertising comment here on this blog so those viewing can also see your contest if they wish to join!

Let's start :)

:jsenn: Active Featuring Members:

- :iconannyaonweb: Annyaonweb :pointr:  featuring journals when there are many people who need features
- :iconafinewar: AFineWar :pointr:  featuring photography journals once a week
- :iconmrs-freestar-bul: Mrs-Freestar-Bul :pointr:  does features for artists who need promotion, features at every two weeks
- :iconglowingkitten: glowingkitten :pointr: journal features for all media, spotlight features in journals (which will showcase one specific deviation for several weeks) and also a feature on the profile page
- :iconnyx-34: NYX-34  :pointr: weekly features
- :iconfairy-of-the-woods: Fairy-of-the-Woods :pointr: weekly features
- :iconcallasoreon: CallaSoreon :pointr: weekly features
- :iconeden-paradox: :eden-paradox :pointr: weekly features
- :iconstefy-coool: :stefy-coool :pointr: features those who request it by commenting on her page, with 3 pieces each
- :iconshawn529: :shawn529 :pointr: weekly features of a photographer and non-photographer with at least 10000 views or less
- :icondoomblade64: Doomblade64 :pointr: journal features
- :iconxcaseycakes: xcaseycakes :pointr: gives feedback on literature
- :icontamster224: Tamster224 :pointr: monthly features
- :iconfotugraphy: Fotugraphy :pointr: weekly Photography features, ,also big monthly photography features every first Sunday of every month
- :iconsunny-winter-star: Sunny-Winter-Star :pointr: themed features that last for months each, current one with Photography
- :iconuranus-seventhsun: Uranus-seventhsun :pointr: features all but anime style
- :iconlagattapiccola: lagattapiccola :pointr: monthly news features with Photography
- :icongrygon: grygon :pointr: feature NOMINATIONS - anyone can send Notes to nominate their friends, not themselves
- :iconaurawra: Aurawra :pointr: one feature per week in which between one and five deviants are featured, all artworks with the same theme plus one artwork featured as 'Artwork of the Week' every week
- :icondavid-dennis: David-Dennis :pointr: - gives feedback on anime/manga artwork and would appreciate comments/feedback in return
- :iconmistiqarts: Mistiqarts :pointr: - Weekly Monday features in News articles- with manga artists
- :iconilwa: iLwA :pointr: - features at least once a week and when is noted with requests for features
- :iconmorbid-vixen: MoRbiD-ViXeN :pointr: - regular themed features and watcher's features
- :iconjoufancyhuh: joufancyhuh :pointr: - does weekly feature articles
- :iconxxxjappanerdiexxx: XxXJaPpAnErDieXxX :pointr: - does two features a month for artists who need more exposure
- :iconpeachpit580: peachpit580 :pointr: - does news and journal features
- :iconmay-lene: May-Lene :pointr: - feature journals, mostly drawings
- :icondream-iris: dream-iris :pointr: - monthly features
- :iconnessie-loves-donuts: Nessie-Loves-Donuts :pointr: -  features every kind of art but especially photography
- :iconmariasorina: MariaSorina :pointr: - does journal features (even news articles sometimes) once every two weeks about various themes, especially traditional art
- :icondyint: Dyint :pointr: - does monthly journal features
- :iconpenguinsontoast: Penguinsontoast :pointr: - does features each Friday, mostly photography but other styles too
- :iconarbaxa: arbaxa :pointr: - does weekly features (news articles) for people who will forward her their deviation thumbs in a note
- :iconfearisjustafeeling: FearIsJustAFeeling :pointr: - features photography and digital art
- :iconstarfire-wolf: starfire-wolf :pointr: - journal features 3 times each week
- :icon1510: 1510 :pointr: - journal features (news articles sometimes too)
- :iconinfinitedilemma: InfiniteDilemma :pointr: - features paintings, sketches, and photography
- :iconsqueezelouise: squeezelouise :pointr: - features two unknown artists each week (mostly digital art- fan-art - and photography)
- :iconbeehivestudio: BeehiveStudio :pointr: - does weekly feature news article
- :iconheyitsmyles: heyitsmyles :pointr: - journal features and news articles (large range from cartoons to deeply emotional work)
- :iconsammyspectacular: SammySpectacular :pointr: - does journal features for photography style
- :iconmadmantnt: MadManTnT :pointr: - does journal features for photography, paintings, manips
- :iconsolarlunix: SolarLunix :pointr: - does weekly journal features for random pieces of every style
- :iconx3uu: x3uu :pointr:  features drawings & paintings (both traditional & digital)
- :iconxenonia: Xenonia :pointr: - does journal features from time to time
- :iconnenglehardt: nenglehardt :pointr: - does weekly journal features
- :iconsarah-bk: Sarah-BK :pointr:  featuring photography journals once a week (especially underexposed photographers)
- :iconkazzantichaos: :devSKazzantiChaos: :pointr:  featuring any media at the beginning of each month

:jsenn: Active Feedback Giving Members:

- :iconphatmon: Phatmon :pointr: offers constructive critiques (also helps with PS and Paint Tool Sai)
- :iconishtardragon: IshtarDragon :pointr: offers feedback on all media
- :iconchristyreserva: ChristyReserva :pointr:  offers feedback on styles such as realism, lineart and anime style
- :iconsaviroosje: Saviroosje :pointr: feedback on drawings - digital, traditional , manga style
- :iconthe-arkz: the-arkz :pointr: gives feedback and also is a Daily Deviations suggester
- :iconlibertades: Libertades :pointr: offers feedback on all styles
- :iconcreyk: creyk :pointr: offers feedback on traditional art and other works in realistic style
- :iconnyx-34: NYX-34 :pointr: along his weekly features, he gives comments to those requesting feedback on his journal
- :iconainulaire: AinuLaire :pointr: gives feedback, critiques on mostly traditional works but some digital work too
- :iconrobertmakes: RobertMakes :pointr: writes Critiques
- :icondemonml: DemonML :pointr: gives feedback in return for received comments
- :iconsunowl: SunOwl :pointr: along features he gives feedback on drawings, photography, prose, manips & tablet-weaving
- :iconbabushkayaga: BabushkaYaga :pointr: critique and feedback for any deviant who needs a critical, analytical eye laid upon a serious piece they are working on
- :iconnaoki-reisen: Naoki-Reisen :pointr: gives feedback/advices
- :iconurbangerbils: UrbanGerbils :pointr: gives feedback
- :iconlittlesis92: littlesis92 :pointr: gives feedback on Photographs
- :iconwzrdofozfan: wzrdofozfan :pointr: is an active commenter, gives honest feedback
- :iconitachihatake1: ItachiHatake1 :pointr: gives feedback
- :iconamaira515: amaira515 :pointr: gives feedback
- :iconerikbjornor: ErikBjornor :pointr: gives feedback
- :iconxxxticklemehemoxxx: XxXTickleMehEmoXxX :pointr: gives feedback
- :iconcootie-queen: Cootie-Queen :pointr: gives feedback to any artist as long as it's requested by note not comments, especially on humor art
- :iconmichaelknouff: MichaelKnouff :pointr: gives feedback to those who comment on his own and when requested
- :iconthisdeafeningsilence: ThisDeafeningSilence :pointr: gives feedback to those who comment on his own and when requested
- :iconkawaiiculture: KawaiiCulture :pointr: active commenter
- :iconmucrush: Mucrush :pointr: gives feedback
- :iconxadrea: Xadrea :pointr: gives feedback/critiques
- :iconalabaster-cloud: Alabaster-Cloud :pointr: gives constructive feedback on Digital art especially but can also give on traditional pieces
- :iconuranus-seventhsun: Uranus-seventhsun :pointr: gives critiquing comment, especially for traditional art
- :icontamster224: Tamster224 :pointr: gives feedback
- :iconlargits: Largits :pointr: gives constructive comments on Photography
- :iconliniocht: liniocht :pointr: gives feedback
- :iconstyxcolor: Styxcolor :pointr: gives feedback on traditional media of all kinds, especially constructive if you give dark and abstract pieces; gives on poetry and all other traditional works as well, manga/comic styles also
- :iconuranus-seventhsun: Uranus-seventhsun :pointr: does character analysis
- :iconidina-0: Idina-0 :pointr: gives feedback
- :iconwhitechariot: whitechariot :pointr: offering feedback to those who ask
- :iconannickhuber: AnnickHuber :pointr: gives feedback to help artists improve, mostly on drawings
- :iconredappledolly: RedAppleDolly :pointr: gives feedback on anime and manga artwork
- :iconpeachpit580: peachpit580 :pointr: - gives comments and critiques literature, mostly poetry
- :iconmay-lene: May-Lene :pointr: - gives feedback on drawings
- :iconnessie-loves-donuts: Nessie-Loves-Donuts :pointr: - offers feedback to those willing to give some back as well
- :iconduyguchan: DuyguChan :pointr: - gives feedback on anime
- :iconthewritermirage: TheWriterMirage :pointr: - gives feedback/critique on prose literature
- :iconcarolynviolet: CarolynViolet :pointr: - gives feedback and official critiques on photography
- :iconsince91: since91 :pointr: - offers feedback/criticism
- :iconfearisjustafeeling: FearIsJustAFeeling :pointr: - gives feedback on photography and digital art
- :icon1510: 1510 :pointr: - gives constructive comments
- :iconquaay: Quaay :pointr: - offers critiques and feedback on photography and digital art
- :iconsunny-winter-star: Sunny-Winter-Star :pointr: offers critiques on characters (except animals)
- :iconbeehivestudio: BeehiveStudio :pointr: - offers critiques on digital art, traditional and design
- :iconluckydesigns: luckydesigns :pointr: - offers feedback (and would appreciate some as well) mostly on photography and photomanipulation
- :icondrumma2000: drumma2000 :pointr: - gives feedback on beginners art and to young starting artists
- :iconsarca-stick: sarca-stick :pointr: - gives feedback on sci-fi, anime and comics
- :iconborruen: :devsBorruen: :pointr: - gives feedback on manipulations
- :iconversailles6: versailles6 :pointr: - gives critiques/feedback on literature, prose only (no fanfiction)
- :iconzeknox: Zeknox :pointr: - gives feedback on cartoons/comics

So, these are the wonderful people giving their support for other artists so in return, if possible, please, give them some feedback, comment on their work because they are similar to you. It would be great to take the time to do so :)

Have fun, comment on this blog and see who offers to feature you, comment on your work or ask them through comments/notes.


Please note: all #GetWatchers members are also welcome to browse the list of comments here and give some feedback, features and/or constructive critics.

If you would like to be added to this list, please send a comment here: here. Also, for art submissions information please read the blog on the front page.

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