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Genius Loci: The Discordant Cities by Ranarh

Collection based on the Open Feature - Nature


Thank you everyone for participating!

The Colours In The Grass 0764.2 by DPasschier
. . . by Alexey-Argentum
Eisherz by Xenaris A dream by sulgao Hyazinthara by Erdbeersternchen
Never Let Me Go by Yuukon
Blue Tit by PaulaDarwinkel
Ce qui fut n'est plus by Onodrim-Photography
sweet by lovemyscars
Peace by butterscotchbobSunset Arch by ScottaHemiPerfect Clear Pink Sunset by HaveFaithHopeLoveArt
desert by YoBarte
YCH Commish: Three of Wands by AminirusThe light that comes just before dark by jeristarlight 
Oh deer by KanahaniARTLeaves by CinnamonDevil
Stock-photo-evening-niederhorn-258468037 by orestART
Children of the Seed by VitaliaDiSunflower Zentangle by SavageFrogOsprey by Fuee
Waves after waves by GeorgeXVII
Tree beats stone by WolfDenOne -- Evolve -- by AshleyxBrooke
into the green... by tanares8
Caught in the Middle by Kitteh-Pawz
Field against the Sky by DevaPan
Red Mums 2 by JenX-Photo Fiery Forest by ReaperBunny The stone under the tree. by Myrrael
Breezy by JustinDeRosa
Rova Den by milkcupie
Winter Seashore by Pajunen
Perito Moreno 2 by Cansounofargentina
hello world by InsanityPants
Yellow by AnastasiaMorning
Leon Devenice , Original paintings for sale by leondevenice
Between light and shadow by Ellysiumn
Artwork By Robert Lukeman by SpectrumMakers
Salt River Twilight by PeterJCoskun
Sunset by Andorada

We should not take Nature for granted...

Warmth by Andorada

What do you plan to do

in order to protect it around you?

Hummingbird hovering by LoverPrints

Welcome to a new Common Feature, based on the Open Feature - Nature


More will follow
Thank you everyone for participating!

Wisteria by blumoonpanther
Secret Shack by Spiritofdarkness

Tiger in the water-oil on canvas by YueZeng-MN
Moss Machine Falls by boldfrontiers
Old Gods by ShadeofShinon
Moose by NOORPOL
Mushroom Heart by HaveFaithHopeLoveArtEastern grey kangaroo joey 1 by Jokerfan79
Comic Page 14 by Super-ChiElepho by KimberlyW-Art
Motherly love by hermione-bagginsI'm Nebraskan by AlyssaStehle
Between cities - a diplomate and her wolfguards by vidal174
Hey artist let me in by Rathaloshunter16Songnisan by Cheralla
Life... Dreams... Hope... and some art by Azurelly
Peaceful Memories by MarieStars
FA/OC - A new bby! by Aer0Hail
Warmth - 08/2019 by Foxhardt
yellow coneflower by jennomat
Golden October by Bittersuesz
Robin by PaulaDarwinkel
Woodland Cathedral by Onodrim-Photography
Obsidian Flows by MoodyBlue
Outback Australia Skateboard Deck by dinoloverXX
Melody Of Autumn by LeonidafremovNo ordinary Rose by RI-Art
Chevaux de sable by Ellisis
Everything the Light Touches, is My Kingdom by TerrianJunkie-- Evolve -- by AshleyxBrooke
Red deer - Battle by BeckyKidus
Redtail Hawk by drgnfly4free
Stepping Stones by AnthonyH318
Ocean Ice Mountain  by jodi3330
Black And White Deer by EmilyArtPolandBlue Horizon 1 by AlexisYoko
Observation Tower by eegariM
Virgin Land by aerroscape
Summer Scenery by QuicksilverCatChibi totoro fishing - ukiyoe style by Syntetyc
Homecoming I - Cornelia by Azurelly
Birthday Butterfly by MEPArtz
Going by AshnoAlice
Injured Sun by Ashdei-sanLost In The Woods by AshnoAlice
Sea Turtle by Daviddiaspr
Slow Chill by GaryGuidrozArtsRonnie by sukinova777
Cosmic ocean 3 by Helsic
far, far away by midgardartNebula by agree-to-dissagree
Artume by BronzeHalo
Sustenhorn night by xrust
Star Maker by yuumei
Lion in Aurora by jkclayton

We should not take Nature for granted...

What do you plan to do

in order to protect it around you?

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Gallery Folders

AUTUMN by Vladimir-Kireev
Glorious Nature by Diksharpner
Dancing Shadows by JoePingleton
000 0120 by metindemiralay
Digital Art
Azsy by TamikaProud
Fidget by FeketeVerinenStjerne
The blue room by Aramisdream
Forest smell by Aramisdream
Changes by Andorada
Star Trails by schelly
Beginning by dashakern
Red Lagoon by Stefan-Becker
Traditional Art
St. Nikephoros by Andorada
Arsenie Boca by Andorada
Snow Valley by Furrirama
Princess by ChristinaMandy
Fan Art Manga Anime Comic
Stevie Wonder by WolfkillX
Cosette by Lady-ObsidiAnne
every you, every me by megatruh
Romulan Encounter by Euderion
Others - Flash - Emoticon - Pixel Art - etc.
Chonicienta (Ordinella) - Transformation by Efrayn
Count Stayneseus Pixels by WolfkillX
Meiyaa ( my caracter in Eldarya Game)  And Leiftan by Meiyaaa
Young ranger by maskman626
OPEN Gallery Event -Ended
Korra by Artgerm
For the sad hearts... by Zindy
Under the Waves by aboveClouds
Prachtig by DanHecho
Song of Squall Book Cover by AlynSpiller
Jumping waves by akreon
Cosmonaut - Diana by ozornin-ART
Artisan Craft
Fox by nastya-iv83
Toucans by LicamtaPictures
Needle Felted Fox by YuliaLeonovich
Knotwork Red-Tailed Hawk Leather Mask by windfalcon

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Andalusian in Redwood by GRIM-GIT   Heidrun ovo by GRIM-GIT   sleipnir by GRIM-GIT  
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Palkia and Deoxys- Deities of Space by vuluvala2008   Primal/Mega Dialga- Celestial Form by vuluvala2008   Elephant sketch by vuluvala2008  
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I love to draw, and I strive to do it as best as possible :>
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Request by Sinistry-exe   Commission-02: Queen's Memento by Sinistry-exe   ArtContest4 by Sinistry-exe   Study-02 by Sinistry-exe
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Let Me In! by forthcracy159  
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Night Fury cute (Inferno) by DragonInfernoArt  
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Commissions are open!

Check here for prices and general information !

WOOHOO COMMISSIONS!I am extremely excited to create commissions once again! I had joined deviantart around 2009, but left due to personal reasons, life does sometimes take over. These were my old details, but UPDATED as well. Basic information on commission pricesIcon is $5 (Fully colored, as well as shaded.)Head shot $5 Colored +5 Torso up $10 Colored +5Mid waist up $10 Colored +5Hips up $15 Colored +5Knee up $15 Colored +5Full body 20 Colored +5BASES I CAN CREATE $20 Create a character for you (Possibly OC, or just another character for a story you may be creating) $25 Colored +5ALL adoptable's I will be making will be $5 each. If you want a fan art of the character in outfits you choose, and hairstyles it will be +10 (Includes COLORS)PIXEL $5 + Colored Below the following art is INFORMATION needed,WHAT I AM WILLING TO DRAW nudityself harmvomiting'ssimple backgrounds (If any details it'll be +10 or lower depending on what it is.)Fetish GoreHumanoidsWHAT I WILL NOT DRAW Animals/Fishes (I wish I could! But it is a weak point in my art.. )Sexulised Minors GENERAL INFORMATIONAnything you'd like done personally, specific things I would love to hear when you send me over the request, BEFORE payment! ♥I can in fact decline any commission I am not willing to do. And I will always explain my reasonings behind them. I will not begin creating the art until I have received a payment. I have the right the decline refund if you change your mind when the art piece is COMPLETELY finished. I will send updates on my DISCORD which I will disclose when you make payment. If you do NOT have discord, I have SKYPE/SNAPCHAT, and also can upload it to DROP BOX for viewing.Depending on how fast you want your art work, such as a deadline put in place, it will cost EXTRA. Depending on when the deadline is, depends on price. I will need this to be specified before PAYMENT in the very beginning of your request. I will take on around 2 possibly 3 commissions from a single person.I need references to what you'd like from me, rather it be another commission you have purchased, or just pictures in a collage. Go wild.If you want any tracing or any sort of modifications to my artwork I will need you to ask permission, and give credit.PAYMENTS I am firm on prices. No shipping addresses or anything are necessary, I'm selling artwork digitally. Sometimes people forget, so this is here for that reasoning. I will not tolerate any one trying to get the payment down, OR even discounts. REFUNDS / POSSIBLE CHARGESSince I will send UPDATES I will not give refunds to anyone if the artwork is completed, but it does depend on what you want a refund for. Therefore, I will give a partial refund.I will fix any errors, no more than four at a time without charging, anything higher will require a payment. "COPYRIGHT"These are my ORIGINIAL pieces, and I will be posting them to my profiles, there fore I own every image. I do not own however, the characters, or anything you specifically want in them that is yours or belongs in other places on the internet. Simply the art itself. You are allowed of course to post these in other websites with correct crediting to my profiles. There will not be any profiting on my artwork. If it is turned possibly into a adoptable, you can use it as a CREDITED REFERENCE. :,)Where to find me at!I have freshly made these profiles, I just am starting up my art career again, so please excuse any bare profiles! If you have ANY suggestions on websites I can use, feel free to leave them down in the comments. :,) To request a commission please contact me onDEVIANTART @VaillaaINSTAGRAM @Vai.llaaDISCORD/SNAPCHAT/SKYPE WILL BE DISCLOSED WHEN PURCHASING COMMISSIONS.

vuluvala2008 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2020
Star Wars Ship Design- Light Cruiser by vuluvala2008   Payload Mechs- Gorgon by vuluvala2008   The Colosseum by vuluvala2008   BattleTech- Assault Mech by vuluvala2008  
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Tinithy by mariaskoll   Kadin by mariaskoll   Otto by mariaskoll   Alma by mariaskoll  
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triepeolus simplex, the cuckoo bee by hasanemin   john wick by hasanemin   ear by hasanemin   eye by hasanemin   nose by hasanemin  
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Sailormoon Redraw by rasptart  
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Animation Flame Dragon by DragonInfernoArt  
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*Free Icon/Emote* Totoro ( Heart) Commission open:*Free Icon/Emote* Totoro ( Heart) 

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