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July 5, 2009
Relaxing Summer by *getty - The suggester wrote: "The calm, serene scene was the first thing that caught me about this deviation. I also absolutely adore the "painterly" like style of this and the excellent rendering of the environment."
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Relaxing Summer



You find a small stream in mountains, then step in...and pure, a bit chill but calming feeling of water splashes through you, clearing up the summer heat and refreshing your drained mind. It's a gift from the nature.

As some of you may still remember, I drew a summer scene with a stream ( and a winged girl ) two years ago. I put the best effort on it, but now it doesn't look as decent as before. So I thought of drawing such a scene again, thus the theme of the picutre.

It was said too, in my last work, that I'd been trying to change styles, to polish up my expression of art. I'm yet in the midst of it, and I haven't totally grabbed what I need for describing what I want to describe -- but I hope, with this result, that I'm going in the right direction.

To those who'd ask how I did it: there's no how. Everything's drawn by hand. I don't use any special brushes. There's definitely no secret tool.

This time, the process was not same as usual. Instead of clinging to only one software, both SAI and Photoshop CS3 were used. It was a back and forth process between two applications though, SAI was mainly used for sketching, lineart and painting, while CS3 was for painting and effects. For more info about PaintTool SAI, [ check the SAI official site. ]

Hope you like it. :)
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I can feel the cold water on my feet just by looking at the pic, beautiful art!!
The stream and the girl's smile create a very light and relaxing atmosphere <3