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Gynmates 01

By Gettar82
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Inspired by a picture from Redsilver, I liked the idea of Judy being in undercover mission and meeting Bellwether in prison :P
I'll probably do more with them.

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I LOVE it sooooooo much <3 you draw the most perfect Judy <3

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Lovely! Any chance of having an image with Nick so we can appreciate how big she is in comparison ?

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Excellent take on this Redsilver-inspired post.
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Awesome art, Judy looks sexy.

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Story behind both of them getting hunky swole?
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This is just so many kinds of excellent.
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The plot… THICCens!
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Bellwether is already top of the food chain at the prison, ironically.

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she's either a good actor for being under cover

or the steroids she's using are having effect on her ego xD
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just stating the truth :P
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I definitely want it to be the latter
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Right!? xD
starts flexing at the guard to get information out of him
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Definitely. I like the idea of the power getting to her head. Perhaps causing an alignment shift.

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there's always something so neat in your buff Judy man!

love the fact she could escape whenever she wants.

also great volume under the clothing man! you rock.

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I like volumes :D
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It shows man, it shows ;P

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If that means she can potentially gets closer to me, I wouldn't mind her check outside by breaking out of jail. :meow:

Also, what does "asap" means? It's not the first time I see this word.

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As Soon As Possible
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