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Shy fairy

Winter dreams: heat, river, and a sweet fairies

I wanted to add a “final” to the title, but I thought and didn't add. This scene lay in drafts for more than a year, waiting for completion and, it would seem, already "yes", but "no" ... I still don’t like something. Therefore, I will wait another year, and there it will be seen whether the final or not the final :)

  • SX Lana (custom G3F + addeed stylization as an elf)
  • Philly Hair for Genesis (DAZ Shop)
  • Chicari Necklace - part "Chicari for V4" (DAZ Shop)
  • G2_G3 Fae Dress by Moonlight001 (Renderosity freebies)
  • G8M hand
  • Wings: 2 halves of a cut cylinder, 2 deformers + scaled duplicate. Custom shader. 6 instances
  • Lolypop: sphere, 2 cylinders, plastic shader and custon candy shader. Trimming excess geometry and combining candy parts in Blender due to incorrect refraction and reflections on unnecessary faces
  • Bracelet: thorus, gold shader
  • Environment light and background:
  • 1 distantlight
~2.5 hours, ~4500 iterations (translucency wings was quite expensive), no postwork
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From her expression, she's hoping all those salacious tales about what happens when one takes candy from a stranger are true...:D (Big Grin) 
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And it is true... :)
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Those girls always fall for a big lollypop... But honestly - really cute picture and the wing motion blur is great!
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Yeah, the lolipops are pretty chauvinistic things :)
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Thanks you! )
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