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Practical exercises (updated)

Ashlyn Alexander, senior pilot-colonel of the International Space Service, explains the basic principle of the focus field of the photon engines "HEEUS" series to a group of distance learning students from "QuantHub"

Wikimedia, 2148; 2D-imprint from the personal holoarchive of I.Zitzelberger, navigator-captain of the ISS, 2143

By the way, the influx of students in the specialties of the ISS in 2143 exceeded 210% (among them 4 future Nobel laureates), and it was necessary to introduce additional conditions for admission.

'For the 3Ddivas :icon3ddivas: 'Girl From The Future!'
The updated render was completed by only 84% (5072 iterations after 55178s@GT540M), but so far I have no time to continue it.

Interior, curtains, carpet, "laptop" - the usual DS-primitives. Table, couch, helmet, "flyer", clothes, hair - repainting of several old assets. Exterior - "Dystopia City Blocks 11-20". Lighting - "Sun-Sky Only" (I didn't find the HDRI that would suit me). Also used are dForce and push modifiers. No postwork.
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They told me, in the future everyone dances rain dances around wind power generators and ride bicycles to and from their organic farm plots on which they raise soja beans. This looks different :o (Eek) 

Uhm... I'd like to see that lesson and it's outcome Sweating a little... We've had a slightly perverted old physics teacher that used to leer at the girls. Times change. 
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Everything is simple with the lesson - the main thing that you should not forget about is the right focus point ... of the engine, of course :)
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a lovely view of the future .. the handy parking spot , the helmet on the coffee table : ) : )
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In the future, everything is the same as now, just a little bit wrong :)