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Sky dragon V2

By GetsugaDante
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I wanted to put something together for my banner image here and on Twitter. So I figured, why not remake the first piece I've ever put up online. It got a bit derailed along the way and the concept changed a little, but it's good enough for now, but V3 will definitely be it. For sure this time. Anyway, hope you'll enjoy this one.

Here's the original if you feel like bleaching your eyes.:)…

Done in Photoshop

Please do not copy/reproduce/trace, color, edit, publish, or distribute any part of this image without my permission. Thank you.


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Looks Old Testament. In Iraq, there is a story that this macro malevolent weather display . Riveting, how are you with art directors notes?

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Thank you, tho I'm not familiar with that story and I don't really know what "art directors notes" mean in this context. Sorry.^^'

Cobalt0O0's avatar

damn, that's soo cool XD

GetsugaDante's avatar

Glad you like it.^^

DorianKaioh's avatar

Very Cool, 7/10

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Tinselfire's avatar

It's decently big o.o

GetsugaDante's avatar

Sure is. Probably at least 3 meters long.;)

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V1 and V2 are prime examples of how artists should not feel discouraged and keep drawing.

GetsugaDante's avatar

Not sure if that's a compliment or an insult, but thank you.x) There should've been a lot, lot more progress in between those, but life can be quite of a tit. So that didn't pan out^^'

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It's a compliment ^^ I'm not artsy but it does look like alot of improvement over time even though the original picture did not looked half bad. Here it looks like a professional artwork.

voltagelife7's avatar

that looks awesome

GetsugaDante's avatar

Glad you like it.:)

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the play of light here is very nice.

reminds me a bit of this dnd setting where the souls of the people who died in a huge war wonder the earth as 1 huge destructive storm

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Wonderful work!! :clap: !!!

GetsugaDante's avatar
GetsugaDante's avatar

Oh, thank you very much. I have no idea what's where with the new DA. I'll make sure to check it out.:)

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This is absolutely gorgeous! And it's so SO inspiring to see the progress from the original! I'm trying to push myself to paint digitally. I still have a long way to go and sometimes it feels like I'm not progressing fast enough. But just seeing examples like yours I know that someday I'll get to that level of talent which I strive for. :D

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Awesome work. c:

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That is so mesmerizing while also giving off a sense of dread that fits a Dragon so well! Amazing work!
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