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EDIT : Thank you fo much for all the faves :D


A drawing for a contest on AllFanrts where the theme was "fanart : red haired". How could I not do Titania ? She's one (or maybe my top) favourite red haired woman. She's beautiful, she's strong, she's smart and she's a good unit.

So here she is, I hope you will like her :D
(she's using her mastery skill : sol !)

Fire Emblem © Nintendo
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She is the best Character in fire Emblem
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Surely one of the best, yes :D
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She's my favorite character from Path of Padiance. She's so strong. 
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Looks amazing, great fanart =D
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Thank you so much!
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This is just perfect! Love it :)
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She looks like a man D:
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You think so ? : o I don't draw en like I draw her after all. But if you don't like it it's okay :)
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I like it! It's just she slightly resembles a man. It's excellent art nonetheless and you should be proud of it.
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ooooh sorry I thought you didn't like it because she looked like a man ! :XD:
Maybe because of the nose, it's a bit too long for a woman I think. Thanks for telling me :)
Thank you !
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The best prepromo ever: balanced stats, fucking great growhts, High mobility, amazing supports and good affinity (DA FAIAH like her hairs)


She is the Fire Emblem Serie Tifa too!
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Taht's a really good description of her... :D
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Moi quie ne suis pas trop manga je dois dire que tu lui as donné de la pêche à Titania. Je préfère ta version à l'originale =)
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Merci beaucoup ! Je suis très contente que tu l'apprécies, Titania est un très beau personnage pour moi donc j'espère avoir partagé mon engouement pour elle :D
(on va dire ça comme ça, hein...)
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Elle est cheaté surtout Titania dans Fire Emblem ! Tu la retires de ton équipe, t'es dans la merde. XD
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Tu prends Haar et Tibarn... :XD:

Mais ouais, elle est bien comme il faut la Titania, c'est super de l'avoir faite "cheatée"... Parce qu'elle le mérite :D
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