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The Master of Kurain

By Getsuart
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Maya Fey from the Ace Attorney series.

It's a PNG file so it may take some time to load !

I like Maya, much more than Ema (yes, I don't like Ema, don't kill me D: ). I find her funny and cute !
But I wanted a mature Maya for this one. Like if she was Ami. And also, I tried to remember how Misty Fey was looking on the scroll in 3-5.
So I put on her a very long coat with a big gold magatama and little magatamas, a long purple kimono, and the noun's hood Iris and Bikini wear. The Shichishito (I always mistake when I try to write this word) is here because... she's supposed the master of channeling.
The sash thing (or whatever it is called) is here because Ami's statue has it too. And it's nice.
The green things are the spirits Maya calls. And because it's fun to do spirits.
The symbol of the master of Kurain is hidden under the clothes, so don't look for it :)

I hope you like it, I wasn't supposed to do her now, but it was so nice to work on this piece that I just realized I have finished it. I love working with hot colors like these ones !

EDIT : Someone suggested me to redo the pearls, so here they are !

Maya Fey © Capcom
Art © me
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© 2011 - 2021 Getsuart
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Sailor-Touko667's avatar
She looks gorgeous!
WOW that's amazing!
Getsuart's avatar
PseudoTwili's avatar
WOOOOOOWWW!!!!! This is absolutely breathtaking! Beautiful!!! Gorgeous! Awe-inspiring!
Getsuart's avatar
Coatsworth's avatar
Wow the amount of detail is incredible. Fantastic work! Maya is deff the best girl no doubt. 
Getsuart's avatar
Thanks a lot !

Yeah, Maya is really great :D
BrightRedEyes's avatar
Wow this is so detailed and beautiful. Maya is definitely my favourite Ace Attorney girl :D
Getsuart's avatar
Thank you :)

Yeah, Maya is so cute !
BrightRedEyes's avatar
You're welcome and yeah she's such a sweetie pie XD
BoricuaWarlord's avatar
Wow,this makes her look so badass. Good job!
Getsuart's avatar
Thank you =) I hope we will have new infos about Maya in the new Ace Attorney ! (same for Apollo and his team too...)
DameOdessa's avatar
Your splendid work has been featured in my journal: [link]
Getsuart's avatar
Merci pour cette feature :)
Sifhel's avatar
Je le trouve tellement magnifique ce dessin !
Getsuart's avatar
Merci beaucoup :D
PinkKitty134's avatar
This is gorgeous! :kitty:
Getsuart's avatar
PinkKitty134's avatar
You're welcome! :)
obsessedkitten's avatar
Ooh nice to find another Maya fan :) I love the fabric!
Getsuart's avatar
Thank you :)
Maya is so great and funny, it's normal to make a fanart of this character. I hope we'll see her again in the new games !
avadu49's avatar
O.o beautiful !!!
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