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Hello everyone, wanted to give an update on all that's been going on in my life. Read on to see the details of everything!


So to begin, over a month ago I decided to go on a hiatus. For those of you that have been around for a long time it's not that uncommon of me. What you may not have noticed is that it was one of my longest spans of work BEFORE taking a hiatus. The month or two before then I'd been wrought with stress and depression and decided to continue going. I believed, and still do, that one can't rise to success without some self sacrifice. Finally my pressure onward popped and left me almost completely burnt out.

During my break I essentially focused on doing absolutely nothing about Get Rich or my broader aspirations with Genome Studios. Even so I still was overcome with worry and stress for... nearly the entire month of June. It was a crushing feeling getting almost no relief from such a long break.

Since then I've taken some active efforts to seek out help for my health issues. Consulting with my doctor, trying to schedule appointments with counselors, and with specialists. I have nothing concrete as of yet, but I'm still slowly working towards it as I can. I truly do want to be more healthful, in whatever way that means for me, considering I have such frequent and overwhelming fatigue.

Finally in the past few weeks, essentially this July, I've seen some lift to my spirits. Where I was hovering between -10% to +10% in the line of emotional/physical health, I'm now feeling more around 5% to 25%. I feel more capable of handling my day, I am more inspired, and though I'm still experiencing a lot of pain and fatigue, I'm able to tolerate it a lot more. I intend to... try to figure out how to alleviate some of that pain. The problem is that there's no certain way to do it and I may just be chasing my tail.


During my break I ended up buckling and deciding to invest in myself. I nearly paid off a loan I had taken to make a Genome Studios video game, Silence, almost 8 years ago. So I ended up buying a new computer that can stream AND illustrate without any lag, and along side that I grabbed a Cintiq HD22. My god does it feel like a dream. So much smoother and responsive than my old set up!

This week I managed to squeeze in a streaming session where I put together one more storyboard for The Republic... along with the majority of the stream being me troubleshooting stupid stuff with new windows updates that screw with the drawing pen... assholes...

The rest of this week I've spent taking on responsibilities I've long put off, being inspired by totally random ideas and concepts and crashing every second day.

Yesterday I did some game programming tutorials to prototype some base mechanics (the ground) for that long standing dream to make the game Silence. It was a lot of fun, though truly the concept is daunting and I only intend to screw around with it as I'm inspired.

Along with all my troubles, my artist, Gabi, has been experiencing a really rough time as well. I gave her this month off to try and recover as well.


So I've had a lot of time to stew on my burnout and physical health. I have been trying to push to be a successful recognized professional, however, the truth is that that reality is not coming. I pushed and held my breath as long as I could for it this year and my work isn't getting any traction and my efforts are essentially killing me and my passion for pursuing creative projects at all.

For the immediate future I will be down shifting back towards a hobbyist level pursuit. I will be slowing the comic releases back to once a week, I'll be reducing my push/pressure for patronage and rewards, and I'll be allowing myself to fuck off and explore other projects and ideas (even if it's not for a serious world shattering full time production).

In regards to Patrons, I would like to query you guys about your continued support. In no way do I want you to support me with nothing in return, but if you still like my work and are happy to follow along even during this reduced push I'm still happy to accept your patronage. The Patreon funds I accrue go towards bonuses for Gabi so that she can continue working for me and hopefully have some financial relief beyond the bare minimum I'm able to pay her.

I will also be reducing my active Social Media outreach. Juggling the outreach for 7 websites with very minimal engagement has been nearly a full time job in and of itself. I want to dial it down to a manageable bite that I can do while prioritizing actually working. Spending 20 minutes posting about streaming is both a desuader for me to even want to stream as well as 20 minutes of effort that could be going to actually streaming.

All this considered, I want to recognize for myself and for all of you that I still LOVE creating Get Rich and creative projects in general. It's still one of the basest parts of my being and won't be going away any time soon. Though I have to step back and take more care I'll still be keeping you all posted about all the random crap I'm up to and still keep working on Get Rich.

I'm not quite up to my regular working power so the rest of this month will be a little... spotty regarding what the hell is going on. But I am gearing up to get back to a regular working schedule and will let you all know once I've got there.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for your continued support.
~Gaian Helmers
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Hello everyone, I will be taking a month long hiatus starting this week. I will be returning mid July, the week of the 16th.

I've been in desperate need of a break and I've finally hit the breaking point where I can't put it off any longer. Fortunately Gabi will still be working so when I return there will be a massive pool of work for me to finish up and for you to enjoy. If you're supporting us on Patreon you'll be getting some serious bulk uploads of the pages.

I've been torn as I've been seeing an influx of new followers so if you're new and you're seeing this, keep reading and I'll direct you to some of what Get Rich has to offer!


First and foremost check out the interactive website. It's host to everything Get Rich has to offer:

Some things to check out:
-View the whole Webcomic Series and Animated Series on the home page.

-Explore the apartment to examine and see Wolfgang and Hayes' possessions and lifestyle.

-Check out their laptops and browse the "Innanet".

-Go through "The Invasion" interactive campaign. A full story set in the apartment.

-Discover what lies in the Treasure Chest, hint: the beginning of the clues starts in the same closet.

-Keep an eye out on Wolfgang and Hayes throughout the day as they move around their apartment.

-Water Wolfgang's flowers every day.

-Listen to Wolfgang's record collection.

-Play with Hayes toys.

-Read the first portion of "Brothers of Sin" at Hayes' book shelf.

Hopefully with all that and more you can indulge in the Get Rich universe while I'm away.

If you like what we've got to offer, spread the work around. The more support we have the better quality of work we can put out!

See you all in July.

#hiatus #getrich #comics #yeg #yegart #break
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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW - May 28 - Jun 1

This week has gotten by. Managed to get work in to keep us rolling on the comic schedule and I'm still alive!


I recall I did some sort of work on Sunday, which I can't remember anymore. Haha this week has been an utter haze. I feel like it's Saturday right now...

I then started off the week with editing 2 of the previous pages of The Republic. There was a pretty big continuity error so I ended up going through and having to add shadows to page 26 and 27.

Then we ended up figuring out the lighting for the next set of pages. That was something I totally and completely was unable to manage. Thanks to Gabi we have a theatrical and cinematic sun set scene for you all!

I've been extremely depleted of energy and inspiration this week so much of this took my all to even begin, let alone complete.

Wednesday and Thursday was where I finalized the pages for Thursday and this coming Monday. I'm really happy that things are still rolling on schedule though it's very uncomfortable to be so close to the line.

Today I'm taking a break and, like always, trying really hard to unwind and relax this weekend. Hopefully, with a little luck, I'll feel invigorated and ready to take on next week!

Here's to just one more.

#weekinreview #yeg #comics #webcomics #update #review
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I'm sorry to inform you guys that I won't be able to do any art streaming in the immediate future.
My desktop, which was my streaming station, has finally died.

My laptop is not powerful enough to do the artwork and stream simultaneously... So until I can afford to get a new desktop workstation, I won't be able to dazzle you with my magnificent presence.
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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW - May 21 - May 25

This week I've been building up some momentum to get back into work. I've been struggling to get the energy to keep going but I'm out of buffer comics so nows the time to gear back up.


Monday was a holiday for us Albertans so I started this week out in the woods. Though it has nothing to do with the work you guys will receive it was definitely really invigorating to be out in nature, in the sun, doing physical work and just being free to do things at whatever pace I want. It was back breaking but super enjoyable.

Tuesday was my first actual work week, however, it didn't really go like I wanted. My job work ended up dragging throughout the whole day because of an incredibly inefficient, and time consuming, tool that is mandatory that we use. Really pissed me off to have to waste 2 hours on it when it could have taken 15 minutes... but alas, I don't make the decisions for Job Bank.

Finally I ended up getting to my work this week, better late than never right? I managed to complete the QA comics for April and May, the April one I particularly enjoy. Feels good to be caught up to the QA's at least for this one week that I'll be up to date. XD

Thursday I wasn't really in a rhythm for artwork. I managed to get this Monday's comic finalized and posted but I was not very eager to continue on. I finished early so I ended up deciding to add the next feature to the Genome Studios website. The left and right arrows. I thought I was just gunna get some mockup in and leave it at that but my mockup ended up going really well. It does everything I needed it to and actually looks pretty decent.

You can check it out right now at:

Today I had the option to do storyboards to expand my pool for my artist, however, I'm still not really feeling the artistry muse. So I instead have been spending my day building a gallery for my late Uncle Warren. You can see his project on that link above. He was a troubled but incredibly unique and skilled artist and finally now that my website platform is coming together I can put his art out for others to enjoy.

I'm gunna continue chipping away at it today, I'd love to get it together and complete right away so it can be out there and not drag on till I leave it half way.

I'm very excited to see this site grow. By far the best site I've built in my lifetime.

Here's to one more week!

#weekinreview #yeg #yegart #yegdev #webdev #comicdev #comics #programming
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