THIS WEEK IN REVIEW - May 28 - Jun 1

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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW - May 28 - Jun 1

This week has gotten by. Managed to get work in to keep us rolling on the comic schedule and I'm still alive!


I recall I did some sort of work on Sunday, which I can't remember anymore. Haha this week has been an utter haze. I feel like it's Saturday right now...

I then started off the week with editing 2 of the previous pages of The Republic. There was a pretty big continuity error so I ended up going through and having to add shadows to page 26 and 27.

Then we ended up figuring out the lighting for the next set of pages. That was something I totally and completely was unable to manage. Thanks to Gabi we have a theatrical and cinematic sun set scene for you all!

I've been extremely depleted of energy and inspiration this week so much of this took my all to even begin, let alone complete.

Wednesday and Thursday was where I finalized the pages for Thursday and this coming Monday. I'm really happy that things are still rolling on schedule though it's very uncomfortable to be so close to the line.

Today I'm taking a break and, like always, trying really hard to unwind and relax this weekend. Hopefully, with a little luck, I'll feel invigorated and ready to take on next week!

Here's to just one more.

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