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Hello everyone, I will be taking a month long hiatus starting this week. I will be returning mid July, the week of the 16th.

I've been in desperate need of a break and I've finally hit the breaking point where I can't put it off any longer. Fortunately Gabi will still be working so when I return there will be a massive pool of work for me to finish up and for you to enjoy. If you're supporting us on Patreon you'll be getting some serious bulk uploads of the pages.

I've been torn as I've been seeing an influx of new followers so if you're new and you're seeing this, keep reading and I'll direct you to some of what Get Rich has to offer!


First and foremost check out the interactive website. It's host to everything Get Rich has to offer:


Some things to check out:
-View the whole Webcomic Series and Animated Series on the home page.

-Explore the apartment to examine and see Wolfgang and Hayes' possessions and lifestyle.

-Check out their laptops and browse the "Innanet".

-Go through "The Invasion" interactive campaign. A full story set in the apartment.

-Discover what lies in the Treasure Chest, hint: the beginning of the clues starts in the same closet.

-Keep an eye out on Wolfgang and Hayes throughout the day as they move around their apartment.

-Water Wolfgang's flowers every day.

-Listen to Wolfgang's record collection.

-Play with Hayes toys.

-Read the first portion of "Brothers of Sin" at Hayes' book shelf.

Hopefully with all that and more you can indulge in the Get Rich universe while I'm away.

If you like what we've got to offer, spread the work around. The more support we have the better quality of work we can put out!

See you all in July.

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